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Stripper Busted for DWI

ALLEGEDLY... She says she is innocent on her Facebook page.


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02/14/2011 10:02AM
Stripper Busted for DWI
Comment here...
02/14/2011 11:51AM
Where is she
Where does she work? She is very cute.
02/14/2011 3:21PM
is there anywhere u can listen to this morning's show about this?
02/14/2011 4:29PM
where to find her
She is currently the pride of Ricks Tally Ho on East Henrietta Road.
02/14/2011 4:53PM
Its me!!
Hey this is Chastity Lotta, I just wanted to thank you for making me a local celebrity this morning. I am officially the Lindsay Lohan of Rochester, NY and loving it. Now for my side of the story: I was never given a breath test and my sobriety tests were done on a hill while I was on cough medicine and wearing heels. I was unaware of the open container, my girlfriend left it in there without me knowing. YES I am a stripper, YES Ill do pretty much anything for the right price, and YES I do drugs and drink heavily. Would I consider putting other peoples' lives in danger because of it?? Absolutely NOT. You should get you facts straight before you put them on the air. Its pretty sad that you have to degrade other people to get ratings. I may not have morals or a soul, but I DO have feelings.
02/14/2011 5:16PM
Public Appology for Chastity Lotta
If this is true, then maybe Kimberly and Beck need to make an ON AIR appology to this young lady. Irresponsable reporting runs rampade in Upstate New York. Even radio personalities need to be held accountable for their live statments . I appeal to all decent NY residents: Hold Kimberly and Beck accountable and boycott the Breakfast Buzz until such time that a public and on air appology is made. Bring this young victim of Police Injustice into the studio and do what is right, chistian and just.
02/14/2011 5:28PM
where can you hear?`
trying to find out how to replay this mornings show?
02/14/2011 5:32PM
Just another Ho.
Just another Ho at Rick Tally HO.
02/14/2011 6:37PM
A Ho and proud of it...
In a couple years when her looks are gone, where's she gonna be? I suppose Lyell Ave and proud of that too...
02/14/2011 6:44PM
To the totally ignorant...
All i can say i wow to all the people still bashing her. I am a friend of of this girl and she is a very nice and caring person. She lives the life we all wish we could live, and for any of you to judge when you dont even know her makes you very ignorantand in my opinion its sad what envy can do to people. Love ya Chas... Keep em talking girl!
02/14/2011 6:44PM
I know her, please read.
Chastity, you are so full of it. Multiple news sources reported this and they cant all be wrong, nor are the police. Your lack of respect for yourself and others is disgusting. The police are not wrong when it comes to DWI's, and you have been charged with DWI in the past. How about this. Instead of making a bigger fool of yourself on FB and here, why dont you own up to what you have done. I hope the judge sees your lack of respect for others lives and finally gives you some jailtime before you finally kill someone.
02/14/2011 6:53PM
I guess she's thinking this is great advertising for new customers for her and Rick's tally Ho. But Rick's in Buffalo got closed down because of Drugs and Prostitution. Let's see how long they last here in the Roc!
02/14/2011 6:58PM
your soul is not lost
At least you don't hide from the truth, Chasity Lotta. I also doubt she's truly proud, she wouldn't claim to have lost a soul, it's just an easy life with an abundant means of forgetting. So when you find the guy to get you pregnant be sure to be thankful and ask for forgiveness, so your sins are not passed on through your child.
02/14/2011 9:25PM
I would lick that girl like a kitten lickn warm milk Lol
02/14/2011 10:29PM
Believe the news but not the person who the story is about? Good job morons. The news is no stranger to being wrong and I believe Chastity 110%. I do know the man that Chastity is seeing and have met her on a few occasions. She is no angel and has made her share of mistakes but It sickens me to see some of people jumping down her throat without knowing all of her side of the story. I'm a long time listener to the Breakfast Buzz and honestly, I think they should've left this story alone. They saw "Stripper" equated that to a woman driver and "DWI" in the title, and thought they could make something of it. I tend to believe the source. I'd suggest laying off Chastity because you obviously haven't walked in her shoes.
02/14/2011 10:45PM
This wouldn't be "news" if she wasn't a stripper; no one would care. I can't say as to if she is innocent or not but knowing her for three years I can say she usually admits what she has done wrong. She is not the first dancer to get a dwi, I doubt she will be the last but I see no reason for this to be "news" -O
02/14/2011 11:43PM
Back off!!!
Yall can say what you want but you dont know the girl...she was driving a rental because her motor is blown...not cause the thing on the ignition..and so what...why is this being announced like this...you dont know the story and you publicly discrace someone...come on people...you dont know the girl or the story so you have no right!!!! also for the person that said something about another ho at tally ho..you are obviously jealous and could not look a good as her in a million years...watch what you say about people..what goes around comes aroung and some of the things you nasty people said...you will burn for you have no respect for anyone let alone your selves....as for the smart mouth that mentioned something about abortions...that is none of your or anyone elses business and you should be ashamed of yourself...this beautiful girl is a friend of mine and a wonderfull person..so what she is a stripper...your men are paying to watch her just rememeber that jealous women..your men pay her, why cause you cannot satisfy them at home...MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS..as for kim and beck grow up...get the whole story before you attempt to destroy someones reputation like that!!! you should all be ashamed of your selves!!!! get a life and get out of hers!!!!
02/15/2011 1:04AM
It's public . Lol my man don't pay her. I think its funny .dont drink and drive its the law. Dah
02/15/2011 2:28AM
Ignorance is bliss
"Just another Ho at Rick Tally HO." Just because one person makes a mistake doesn't mean that you have to insult others that work at the same establishment. OK, there probably are some that fit the "stripper" stereotype, but it doesn't mean that they are all like that. I hate when people make assumptions based on the actions of just one person. Have you actually ever been to the club? Have you actually had a conversation with someone that works there? "Hi, you're hot. Let's do a dance" does not equal an actual conversation. Maybe before you're so quick to judge you should get some better information. By posting a comment like that you are only making yourself look like an ignorant, judgemental a*s.
02/15/2011 7:24AM
destroy someones reputation lol
You hav to have a good one before you can destroy one. If you really know her then you would know that's true. Unless your counting what johns say for the $$$ she charges per hour while hopfully not infecting them. If you choose that life style that's up to you but then don't go around preaching about destroying a reputation that you already have done.
02/15/2011 8:29AM
all dressed up and nothing to blow
For the people defending this little lady maybe you need to need to take a step back and think before you open your mouth. One she has an interlock on her personal vehicle. Let's say her motor is blown on her vehicle. She shouldn't be renting another a vehicle until she first goes to the courts and tells them her situation. The interlock device can then be installation the rental vehicle. So if she is so righteous and pure why wouldn't a person with good morals think of this ? oh and please, my girlfriend left an open container in the vehicle. Well guess what sweetheart...you own it. According to NYS vehicle and traffic law you are in control of that motor vehicle when you are driving and therefore responsible for it's contents. I also doubt that you sobriety tests were given on a hill, it may appear to have been a hill due to the high high heels you were wearing. Were you asked to blow into the alcosensor ? if you were and you refused then your screwed there too. NYS law states that you must submit to a road side screen when asked to do so, it's part of having your driver license priveledges. And as far as your stupid comment about not putting anyone in danger........HELLLLLOOOOO you have a restricted license, it's restricted for a reason....so you don't put the public in danger.
02/15/2011 8:53AM
Lol so true.
02/15/2011 9:01AM
To all dressed up:
I never had an interlock device to begin with. It was a condition of my probation in the past, but I never had a car registered in my name therefore never needed to have one installed. I am no longer on probation so I dont need one at all anymore! I was never given a breath test, or offered! I know how the law works, so you dont need to explain it to me...but thanks for taking up your time just for me. I feel privelaged knowing that you and others are spending so much time on my life. Apparently I am more important than whatever else you are involved in. I am a good person...FACT. XOXO.
02/15/2011 9:09AM
Enough is enough
How long do you think you can live this lifestyle? It is so sad that you would continue to live this way instead of straightening your life out - you are 23 yrs old and have your whole life ahead of you. You need to end your relationships with the people you run with now and turn your life around. There are people you can turn to but you choose not to. If your current friends cared about you they would not let you do drugs and drink. Don't you get it? What is it going to take to make you see the truth?
02/15/2011 9:18AM
I went to school with this girl and remember a time when she was short and respectable. It's sad how things have changed in her life (she's still short tho). Chastity didn't used to be stupid from what i remember, so she must be really starved for love and attention to pursue this kind of life. I wonder if she'll show up at high school reunion... XD Schadenfreude.
02/15/2011 9:35AM
dwi law
NY state dwi law doesn't require a breathalyzer or blood test to be found guilty. Sobriety field tests are sufficient.
02/15/2011 10:21AM
Never too late
It is NEVER too late to change your life around! You can do it - you just have to WANT TO DO IT! People should be encouraging you to change not harass you more. Go to college - get a job - make changes NOW. And NO - she is NOT stupid - you know NOTHING ABOUT HER IF YOU SAID THAT. She has just made the wrong choices. You need to separate yourself from the people you hang around with now - they are GOING NOWHERE IN LIFE! MAKE THE CHANGES NEEDED...IT'S NEVER TOO LATE!
02/15/2011 11:09AM
she's clueless
Never offered a breath test, more like was offered and she refused. Your out of your mind if you think for one minute that we believe that you weren't offered to take the breath test. But seeing you have a previous DWI conviction you know that once offered and you refuse, your license will be suspended again after a refusal hearing. You may have refused the road side screen as well (alchosensor). Here's an attorney for you..Fiandach and Fiandach. The father shows up to court in a Porsche from all the money he makes off you liquored up lushes.
02/15/2011 11:15AM
to every A*s talking s**t
Get a clue...get a life..and leave her alone...they are right dwi's never get played out like that...what is wrong with being a stripper??? nothing...she has no kids and is still young herself...and has the body and the looks to do it..what she did in her past...is just that her past so let it go and move on....really not that big of a deal and you will find out when the charges are dropped....and cops do lie...please get some sense before you speak...i know i know...judging people you dont even know makes you feel better about your fugly self...lay off..half of ya go see her and like i said before...jealous cause your men pay to see her dance cause ya aint doin it for em at home...Love ya lil sis and you are 100% right...they have noting better to do and they can spend all there time on you...and every last one of you are just making her more famous...lol go girl i love ya no matter what... oh and who ever said about std's...how the hell would you know...did she give you one..lol i dont think so, she would never associate with people as low as you!!!! move on
02/15/2011 11:22AM
she is disgusting, and im embarassed for her honestly
02/15/2011 12:10PM
02/15/2011 12:21PM
Who cares
Who really cares what happens to this girl. I don't know her so why should I care about anything she does. She'll sucker one of her johns into paying for everything and she can continue on her merry way to the grave
02/15/2011 12:22PM
"She was supposed to be in Canandaigua City Court yesterday but didn't show up. Now there is a bench warrant for her arrest." Let me guess....she was offered a court date either right ? LOL. Oh and the goof that keeps protecting her, yeah you, the one who spoke on the show on how well you know her. Shut your trap, you just sound stupid every time you open that sewer of yours. Didn't put anyone in danger , hmmm speeding isn't dangerous all of a sudden because she is your friend. She's playing the system. Let me see, she is a great person...wasn't my beer bottle, wasn't offered a breath test, wasn't speeding, wasn't driving a rental car, wasn't suppose to have an interlock device. yep, she innocent...all because you say so.
02/15/2011 12:25PM
public record
well her arrest is a public record, we can just go to the police department and request a copy of it and see just how much is the truth and how much is a lie. I bet she refused the breath test.
02/15/2011 12:32PM
Canandaigua, N.Y. — Canandaigua City Police charged Chastity A. Lotta, 23, of Ridge Road West in Greece with felony driving while intoxicated, first-degree aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, speed in zone, open container violation, and failing to use an ignition interlock device which is in direct violation of her license restrictions, according to a press release. Lotta was charged following a vehicle stop on North Main Street for allegedly speeding just after 2 a.m. on Friday, Feb. 11. She was arraigned in Canandaigua City Court, and held in the Ontario County Jail in lieu of $2,500 cash bail. They didn't charge you for violation your probation for not using the interlock device, they charged with violating the restrictions on your license. When you got sentenced the judge put a restriction on your license that stated that if you were to drive you must have an interlock device installed on that vehicle, it doesn't have to be registered to you. And I will also bet that one of the restrictions on your license is that you may only drive to and from work. I don't think your place of employment was in the geographical realm of where you were. I will also bet that you didn't have blood shot watery eyes and a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from your mouth/breath. North Main Street ! REALLY, you couldn't do the road side screens on the side of North Main Street ? are you kidding. Honey take the plea and move on with your life you just keep sounding dumber every time you write on here.
02/15/2011 12:46PM
Rock out with your Interlock out
Under New York DWI Law, the ignition interlock device statute requires that an IID device be installed on all vehicles the DUI offender owns and operates on a regular basis. IID's MUST be installed for the requisite time period, or the DUI offender's driving privileges will not be reinstated.
02/15/2011 12:54PM
Section 1198 sub-divioson (d) of the NYS DWI, interlock Law
(d) Nothing contained herein shall prohibit the court from requiring, as a condition of probation or conditional discharge, the installation of a functioning ignition interlock device in any vehicle owned or operated by a person sentenced for a violation of subdivision two, two-a, or three of section eleven hundred ninety-two of this chapter, or any crime defined by this chapter or the penal law of which an alcohol-related violation of any provision of section eleven hundred ninety-two of this chapter is an essential element, if the court in its discretion, determines that such a condition is necessary to ensure the public safety. Imposition of an ignition interlock condition shall in no way limit the effect of any period of license suspension or revocation set forth by the commissioner or the court. (e) Nothing contained herein shall prevent the court from applying any other conditions of probation or conditional discharge allowed by law, including treatment for alcohol or drug abuse, restitution and community service. (f) The commissioner shall note on the operator's record of any person restricted pursuant to this section that, in addition to any other restrictions, conditions or limitations, such person may operate only a motor vehicle equipped with an ignition interlock device. 4. Proof of compliance and recording of condition. (a) Following imposition by the court of the use of an ignition interlock device as a condition of probation or conditional discharge it shall require the person to provide proof of compliance with this section to the court and the probation department where such person is under probation or conditional discharge supervision. If the person fails to provide for such proof of installation, absent a finding by the court of good cause for that failure which is entered in the record, the court may revoke, modify, or terminate the person's sentence of probation or conditional discharge as provided under law. NOTICE: the word operated ? as a condition of probation or conditional discharge, the installation of a functioning ignition interlock device in any vehicle owned or operated by a person sentenced for a violation of subdivision two, two-a, or three of section eleven hundred ninety-two of this chapter, it;s says either owned or operated.......BUSTED
02/15/2011 12:56PM
7. Use of other vehicles. (a) Any requirement of this article or the penal law that a person operate a vehicle only if it is equipped with an ignition interlock device shall apply to every motor vehicle operated by that person including, but not limited to, vehicles that are leased, rented or loaned. (b) No person shall knowingly rent, lease, or lend a motor vehicle to a person known to have had his or her driving privilege restricted to vehicles equipped with an ignition interlock device unless the vehicle is so equipped. Any person whose driving privilege is so restricted shall notify any other person who rents, leases, or loans a motor vehicle to him or her of such driving restriction. (c) A violation of paragraph (a) or (b) of this subdivision shall be a misdemeanor.
02/15/2011 12:59PM
Holy Cow Batman !
You mean the police know what they are doing and the violator is WRONG.....oh my gosh I am shocked.
02/15/2011 1:16PM
how come
Why are none of this skanks defenders mentioning the fact that she just got out of jail a few months ago?????????????
02/15/2011 1:39PM
Because they are basing their attacks based upon emotions instead of the facts. Not to mention they are believing a previously convicted drunk who has no clue what even happened the other night in Canandaigua.
02/15/2011 2:04PM
Her past and her own addmissions speak for themselves
Nuff Said... Drinks, Drugs an Anything for $
02/15/2011 2:14PM
Kimberly and Beck
Keep doing what you do....that is all
02/15/2011 2:26PM
02/15/2011 2:49PM
o wll pay ur dos
Those gurls in jail are gunna eat you up u better watch what u say, u may offened the Wronge Gurl in jail.
02/15/2011 2:53PM
looks like we have a runner she skipped her court date may have to call dog in on this one
02/15/2011 4:32PM
Its only a matter of time before she kills someone.
Do drugs/drink AT HOME and stop putting other people at risk. I wonder..when you kill someone because you're driving while intoxicated...will you be posting on facebook and thanking people for making you a celebrity? Its only a matter of time.
02/15/2011 5:02PM
this is funny
Crawled out grave lol
02/15/2011 5:21PM
02/15/2011 5:26PM
Best lap dance ever. Will be missed while in jail.
02/15/2011 5:29PM
Cough medicine
Why were you driving on cough medicine?
02/15/2011 5:58PM
Keep up the comments
There's nothing good on TV tonight, so I want to relax with a beer or two and read all these funny comments about this little POS. This is pretty entertaining! I've seen better heads on lettuce! LOL!!!!
02/15/2011 5:59PM
Grrls in jail will love you!!
won't last a minute in jail heard she's a snitch too i could care less people like her eat this attention up..like how my 5 yr old does bad things for attention..only he knows that he doesn't have to do anything for the right price..Wasthat for real? Because in the jail you won't get paid for what your gonna be doing to those women honey....
02/15/2011 6:07PM
This girl is trash!!
She is TOXIC! Everything she touches turns to $hit. She has enough bad karma to last the rest of her life! She ruins the lives of people who get close to her. I hate her for very personal reasons.
02/15/2011 6:25PM
She's in more trouble
She lied about her address on the police report, she gave the address of 414 W. Ridge Road to the officer which is the old Mirage strip club in Greece. So now she is providing false information to the police as well. Oh her supporters are looking rather silly now.
02/15/2011 7:13PM
She lives on Lexington!
02/15/2011 7:25PM
Her Stage Name is "FELONY"
How appropriate! proud of that too... Catch her at tally ho (or should I say book ur outside appoinment) at rick's
02/15/2011 7:28PM
Jumped court hearing
She now has a bench warrant out for her... Right on Kim/Beck
02/15/2011 7:30PM
Not on lexington anymore.
She moved off main st bt culver last month. she had big after party for new yrears eve there. She fucked two diff guys that night... i was there...she adverised the party on fb
02/15/2011 7:36PM
leave the girl alone
at least she's honest bout what she does... unlike the girls at east end who go with a diff guy every wknd for free but pretend to be goody goody
02/15/2011 7:40PM
I'm a customer
Ya i go see her at rick's, No I dont' pay her for sex outside of there. But if i had that kind of money i would. she's cute, nice body, funny and i get almost as much from her lap dances as the guys payin her 200 outside.
02/15/2011 7:44PM
Naked at Dub Land
She was walkin round east end in a g string in the snow two weeks ago. said she was at dubland dancing
02/15/2011 7:46PM
Her address at the Mirage Palace was not wrong. She used to live above the Mirage when she was screwing the owner and using him for cocaine.
02/15/2011 7:50PM
for your info...speak only wen you no FACTS
Her boyfriend Droopy paid her bail. Not a john. u dont no wat ur talkin bout stop bashin her.
02/15/2011 8:13PM
no upstairs at mirage
Hey moron, mirage palace is one story bldg.no living quarters. Just another a..Hole who wants to pretend he knows something! Jealously is not becoming of anyone.
02/15/2011 8:22PM
Musta benn living on the roof!
I used to deliver soda to the palace and i can tell you there is NOWHERE to live there. just talk when u know actual facts, not rumors. Guess she must have had a tent on the roof, huh, stupid. I never met her but nobody deserves to ripped apart by strangers who dont no anything... Jealous Are We ? lol
02/15/2011 8:40PM
you guys are morons
I know there are no living quarters at the Mirage, that's my point you dolts. She gave a BOGUS address as her residence, you get it now, she lied and used a phony address. Man how did you two slip through the womb.
02/15/2011 8:45PM
you have two people ripping on another for stating that Chastity used the Mirage address on the police report as her residence address. Do you two have a reading comprehension problem ? She told the police that was her address, hone of record, current residents, get it yet ?....SHE LIED, what a shock there. If your going to rip someone, rip on the Chastity, she is the one that used the address.
02/15/2011 10:25PM
02/15/2011 10:26PM
Droopy her boyfriend. Thats the funniest thing I've read on here yet. He's just the stupidest of her johns. She's taking him for all he's worth, he doesn't even get to hang out when we party, let alone sleep with her
02/15/2011 10:38PM
all you people are just giving her exactly what she wants. shes obviously doing all of these things because she's very desperate for attention. it doesn't take a psychologist to figure that one out. any publicity is good publicity. she just wants to be known and talked about, she doesn't care if it's good or bad. there isn't anything you can say to hurt her that she probably hasn't heard already. in fact, she's probably LOVING this. it's like her 15 minutes of fame and its all thanks to you haters, kind of ironic.
02/15/2011 10:45PM
02/15/2011 10:50PM
I am not sure that this is fame.
02/16/2011 12:09AM
White Trash
guess that says it all...
02/16/2011 2:31AM
help help
Strippers have feelings too. Who cares there to dumb and have no brains to get a real job. Instead they have to show there @ss and there t*tties. She don't even have those . Take a pic with no make up on. Go to school . She has old dudes that r gross that are her groupies. Go to las Vegas make real money if ur gunna dance those broads make her look like doo doo. Bragging bout doing drugs and drinking is just a way of covering up sadness. Which she explained y. Sorry for ur loss chas, no mother wants to see there kids self distroy. Plz don't get pregnant until u truly are clean and rdy.
02/16/2011 6:47AM
CALL IN IF YOUR SO INNOCENT!!!!!!!!!! Lindsay, there is someone I would LOVE to compair myself to, psh dumb @ss
02/16/2011 6:50AM
02/16/2011 9:28AM
OMG ! That clip above her name is SHAYLA !! and she is SCREWED UP!
02/16/2011 11:40AM
She stated on her facebook a few weeks ago that "Droopy" was a customer of her's that is Autistic. She talked about having to do such and such a thing "with droopy's money" then such and such a thing again "with droopy's money". Someone commented on the status asking who he was and she said told. People then started commenting saying how they should go look for dates at the Al Siegl center. How sad of someone to take advantage of a person with a disability. And how sad of other people for being envious of it. But please, do not call him stupid, the man has a disability that is being taken advantage of.
02/16/2011 12:05PM
Thank you for the person whom just posted above.....This "Droopy" as she calls him, is a special needs person (I work with people with special needs). However, he just have some idea what he is getting himself into to. If he has responsibility for his own money and not a family member or home, then he is WELL aware what type of trash he is dealing with. She brags about taking this mans $ to pay off all her old fines, also how she just got her engine redone in her truck which got blown again a week later, and also that she just got "beats" in her truck that blew out her back window. To be honest her FB page is white trash entertainment!! I hope reality has set in and she is starting to realize she needs some serious help. To be sooooo bold to post a video of yourself Blowing coke on your fb page....man that takes BAL%S!!! Also her address was posted all over FB when she invited whomever over for her "after Hours" party not that long ago. It is only a matter of time before she is in jail and still claiming her innocence. Someone grab the movie rights now. She has enough life drama for at least a 4hr Lifetime movie!!!
02/16/2011 12:11PM
Droopy does not have any disabilty. They just make fun of him cause she's managed to keep him on the hook so long and has managed to get sooooooooooooooo much money out of him. He's just an older guy being played like a fiddle by this girl. The only way he has a disability is if being a fool counts as one. He's actualy a nice guy who just can't see he's being played
02/16/2011 12:37PM
This girl has done so many people dirty. She lies. She steals. She steps on anyone that she can to get herself ahead. Karma will come for her. Maybe not today or tomorrow...but it will come. Karma has already started to take her looks away. All of the drinking and the drugs have already begun affecting her looks. You can see in her mugshot that she looks like she is almost 40 years old. Karma has also got a hold of her in the form of HERPES.
02/16/2011 12:57PM
Her mom's not dead...
Her mom is also an "ESCORT". Guesss it's true, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree
02/16/2011 1:08PM
Her mom's an "ESCORT"
Ya that's right... they dont speak and she lives out of town but that's the truth
02/16/2011 1:13PM
I know Droopy and he is a nice man, being taken advantage of. I hope he is not the one who got her that rental car..I would hate to see him in trouble :( POOR GUY
02/16/2011 4:18PM
Someone tell Droopy to call into the show. Lets hear what he has to say about this whole thing.
02/16/2011 4:20PM
Who gives a sh** about what she's like outside the bedroom!!! Hot Dam she's HOT! How much honey? i'll hire your slutty self!! mmmmmmmmmm
02/16/2011 10:42PM
Good Ole Droopy
he's stil ther to save the day for her... he got her a hotel room to stay in til the weekend wen her an Gia goin out of town to work
02/16/2011 10:46PM
Droopy J Mannilo
ya i nm... either James or John Mannilo. Prob John, cause thats wat he is
02/16/2011 11:54PM
only one judge
I just think its messed up how everyone wants to judge Chastity regardless if she is wrong or right, you act like there aren't skeltons in your closet, she is a young woman who is living it up, maybe some choices and decisions aren't right but who are any of you to judge, there is only one judge and we all will meet HIM in the end, stripping is one of the oldest professions, and if it wasn't for all the dirty men out there, they would have jobs, so who cares if you don't agree with what she does for a living, and isn't there more serious issues in this messed up world???? look at the government, the states, the cities and towns how corrupt they are, and you're focusing on one woman, too funny, I say before you judge her, look in the mirror and look at your souls and see if you have made any mistakes in life, I don't think she should of done alot she has but thats my opinion, but Shoot get over it already, people are out there selling drugs, illegal firearm, robbing, and MURDER and get less than what she has been going through, you say she is a ho for having s*x with so many people, but if she was a man it would be cool???? WOW....Society S U C K s NOT Chastity!!!!!!!!!
02/17/2011 12:44AM
hey only one judge
ur wrong.. Chasity DOES suck, by her own addmission. and she's one that keeps drug dealers in business. And unprotected sex... that is a serious danger
02/17/2011 1:02AM
02/17/2011 1:03AM
02/17/2011 4:13AM
This Skank Works At FOXY'S
02/17/2011 8:56AM
This Skank Works At FOXY'S ??
does she do lap dances and bj's?
02/17/2011 10:14AM
I find this all amusing cus I know her....well used to. Still trash obviously. Ya guys wanna fck her...girls get jealous. She's her and she will never change. I think she needs to turn herself in...but her dwi is no diff from everyone else who get multiple dwi's. I think its sad when an 18 yr old party girl gets dwi's...why she she be treated diff?? Cus she's a stripper?! Who fcken cares!
02/17/2011 12:24PM
Cant work anywer else...
Rick's was her last stop. Every other club has fired her and banned her even going in as a customer.At ricks she blends in with the other hookers. Ricks got busted in buff. Wunder wen they'll get popped here. She's even been fired in buff. Literally every club she 's worked at, fired her.
02/17/2011 12:34PM
I love how her 'friends' (probably more likely CLIENTS) jump to her defense by saying 'at least she's honest about what she does,' somehow suggesting that we all do the same things and lie about it. Actually that's not true at all. There are plenty of us women out there who actually still have morals and values and respect for ourselves. Those of us who can be successful and earn a living doing jobs that are actually respectful. How can honest, hardworking career women like myself be expected to advance themselves in society when there are constantly people like her holding us back? How can we expect to eliminate the misogynistic attitude in this country when there are women like her constantly perpetuating it? She makes me ashamed to be a part of the female gender, for real.
02/17/2011 12:39PM
Gia"s name
does any1 know Gia's real name?
02/17/2011 12:46PM
I no that girl
I know her. her name is Lauren. Great boobs by the way.lol but now a big drug fiend like chastity. to bad.I dnt think she does it for $ tho.
02/17/2011 12:59PM
klassy cats
is decent drug free and funn
02/17/2011 1:06PM
Klassy cats response..
that must be u responding lauren p. cause any1 who knows u , knows ur into it bad evr since u lived w a drug dealer. Decent, drug free,ha ha
02/17/2011 4:47PM
Are you kidding me!?
To the person who said this: "so who cares if you don't agree with what she does for a living, and isn't there more serious issues in this messed up world?" The truth of the matter is that what she's done IS serious. Here is somebody who CLEARLY has little-to-no respect for the law, places other peoples lives in danger by driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, evades responsibility over her actions by fleeing the law, and most likely spreads disease through her irresponsible sexual behavior. This is all public knowledge which originated by either HER or court/police reports. We as citizens DO have the right to judge her as she selfishly and irresponsibly puts our lives and livelihoods at risk on so many levels. Furthermore, if she weren't guilty of these crimes, why is she on the run? Normal, responsible, INNOCENT people would show up for their court dates in an effort to expedite the process of clearing their name. I don't buy her story one bit. This girl has problems. And for all you guys out there that think somebody like this is "hot," or wants to "hit it" - go stick your piece all the way to the bottom of a public toilet bowl that hasn't been flushed in over a year and you can say you "hit it," because that's essentially what you're doing when you sleep with a girl like this. Period.
02/17/2011 6:08PM
you people are very sad for judging her. I am a friend and also a dancer and labeling us is just not right. Ive been talked about on this radio show and was not bashed at all.Not all dancers do drugs and party. I am a single mom, going to school and justtrying to get by just like anyone else. I dont understand why everyone is so concerned about her life?!
02/17/2011 7:02PM
sad but true
To the stripper crying the blues about judgement above - there's a simple way to avoid the stigma and labels inherently placed on strippers - don't be a stripper. I'm sure you may not be any of the things most people associate with stripper; however, you chose your career, and with it you must accept the labels that come with it. Any reasonably intelligent person knows those labels exist before pursuing such a career and if you didn't know that you'd be labeled, yet claim you are none of the things people label you as, then one thing is for certain, you ARE stupid. The bottom line is that there are plenty of others jobs you can do to support yourself and your family - you chose the one that opens you up to ridicule and judgement. If you don't like it than get yourself a new career or stop crying about how unfairly you're being judged. Common sense says that any person who'd compromise their self-respect, dignity, and integrity by taking their clothes off on a stage in front of a crowd of dirty, rowdy perverts is an amoral vvhore who deserves all the ridicule he or she gets.
02/17/2011 8:47PM
re: sad but true
there you go again judging people, sorry I am not a stripper, I own my own retail business and have never stripped a day in my life, but if thats her choice, who are you to say any different, she has more guts than you apparently, and has no shame, you cannot say what morals are, your not GOD. maybe if you look closely at yourself, you will see the wrong you have done in your own life, nobody is perfect, we were made different for a reason, get off your high horse and step back to reality, you are a ignorant person and should, maybe you're old and fat, should we judge you???? NO we shouldn't, everyone is beautiful in one way or another...so wake up and smell the coffee!!!!!
02/17/2011 10:42PM
re: i know that girl
just curious, do u know what drugs lauren p is doing? what about chastity aka felony?
02/17/2011 10:57PM
lauren (gia) and chasity prefer coke
they try to score x at dubland wen they can. Chas buys from gia's ex bf sometimes.But they also got some chick they call for coke too
02/18/2011 12:00AM
not her, really...
her lawyer says it's not her on radio. All cops hav to do is listen to tapes of her on Buzz an The Break Room and they'll hear her voice. this girl denies everything... at least she's consistent,lol
02/18/2011 1:58AM
any good sex stories about gia (lauren) or chastity?
i know i didnt partake but had been there 1st hand for a few of em...anybody else got a story?
02/18/2011 2:04AM
which ex bf of laurens?
02/18/2011 4:23AM
There are no GOOD stories bout Chasity...........
title says it all.................... lauren's most recent ex, If u no her and been round her, then u should no his name. wile she was workin at Foxys
02/18/2011 10:03AM
She needs help and not friends like you!
I wish all of you so called "friends" of Chasity's would get the heck out of her life FOREVER! You encourage her to run from the law, strip, degrade herself, do drugs, drink and live a completely reckless life. YOU ARE SAD PEOPLE! Leave her alone and encourage her to make GOOD HEALTHY LIFE CHOICES AND GET HER ACT TOGETHER if you even care for her the least bit. Do you really think you can continue this life forever? You will surely end up dead one day if you continue to drink and do drugs like this. Get some respect for yourself, go to college and make something of yourself. If you truly care about her, leave her alone and encourage her. I read her FB posts - I am sickened by all of the posts that encourage her to run away...and good job, etc! What is wrong with you people? Do you have any morals whatsoever? Please...I am seriously concerned for her well being and I really want you all out of her life!
02/18/2011 10:27AM
Well said!
To the person who posted above me - GOOD JOB! That was very well said and it's clear that you actually have a head on your shoulders and GET IT!
02/18/2011 10:37AM
re: re: sad but true
Choices come with consequences. Plain and simple. It's a cold, hard world and unfortunately, people judge. Why? Because they can. If you don't want to be judged, don't CONTINUE to make stupid CHOICES and expect everybody to feel bad for you. Kudos to you for owning and operating a Cricket Mobile store on Dewey Ave. P.S. I'm neither old nor fat. As a matter of fact, I can pretty much guarantee that I'm thinner, more attractive, better educated, and infinitely more successful than you.
02/18/2011 1:04PM
I've only got three words to describe her, DUMB B@#CH !
02/18/2011 2:01PM
New friends for sure...
I agree with the post above...your friends are supposed to look out for you and have your back, right? Wouldn't that mean making sure you are healthy and living a life that doesn't harm you? Everything you do is harming you in some way or another. Please consider leaving the business you are in - I have seen so many people get sucked into that business and get spit out...or never get out and the worst imaginable happens. Your friends do not truly care about you if they are encouraging you to keep this lifestyle up. You are a beautiful girl and it really isn't too late to make some serious changes in your life. From someone who cares please consider this.
02/18/2011 4:34PM
Too Far Gone To change...
That says it all. This girl drives all the way out there cause a guy pays her $500. for sex. She ain't gona turn back now. Her an Gia were partying for two days. All she kept saying was" When this is all done I'll b able to charge $500.jus for Head. Great for business" she's a waste...
02/18/2011 6:17PM
fyi.. klassy kat comment is me idiot..
i wrk there i dnt like chasity yet gia is very much intact w reality. birds a feather flock together um Not this time! gia is a responsible smart chick...ppl party and if she was partying w chasity i kno she is the average partyer not like chasity..AT ALL. WELL NOT THE GIA I USE TO KNO??? I DANCE AT KLASSY CAT AND I WAS SAYING KLASSY KATS IS DRUGG FREE AND STUFF!!
02/18/2011 6:46PM
to fyi, Reality check;
number one, if you want to promote the cat, that's fine. but obviously ur one of gia's friends cause anyone in the business know how far downhill she's gone. She's Fired from the KAT and people watching this bolg should call to verify, She, like Chasity have no where else to go since they've both ben thrown out of every club in the city... Readers, check for your self. The Kat is a nice place so i agree but Lauren and chasity are both barred... P.S. Good try tho!
02/18/2011 9:44PM
i wasnt even talkin about thoose chicks
klassyy kat isnt like the other clubs and wnt stand for any of tht behavior.. i use to wrk w gia..im not friends w any of the dancers! i am there to make money.. you dnt find friends or lovers in klassy kats.. lol im good tho! FYI: I WASNT REALATING ANY HUMAN BEINGS TO KLASSY KAT I WAS TALKIN TO THE PERSON THT SAID KLASSY CAT IS FATTYYY FATTT GURLS..LOL SOME R NOT THT SEXXII BUT I AM :)
02/18/2011 11:27PM
re re re: sad but true
sorry not a Cricket mobile....too funny, you're more educated, look better, more successful, and thinner than me....ok if it makes you feel better, you don't even know me and you're negative, you make me laugh....all I'm saying is that this is crazy how people are making this girl a priority, who cares, more important things in life to worry about than this, she is in jail and they will take care of her, get on with life, I have much more imporant things to do than have high school drama with you or anyone else for that matter, if you want to waste your time, have at it, because I am to smart to stoop to your level...thank you very much...HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
02/19/2011 1:25AM
re re re re: sad but true
"To" smart to stoop to my level by wasting your time on this? Imagine that, an oxymoron from a moron!
02/19/2011 11:18AM
To all of Chasity's friends - please consider Chasity dead to you now - the truth is she will not even have a chance to actually come out of prison and try to start a new life if you are in it! I know she is a big girl and has made all of the awful choices herself, but with your influence she just does that much worse. You all need some serious help - counseling, rehab, etc.! I hope to God you all actually seek out help soon - especially to the one that has a son! You are a mother and what kind of future and you giving him if you are on drugs? It is so sad to see people destroying their lives like this - it literally makes me sick. Please if you care at all about her - encourage her to get help and get off drugs.
02/19/2011 1:59PM
Get a real job! You look like trash. You are not like lindsay lohan. No one respects you, you gross @##$. You bang people for money, get pregnant and abort the babies. You absolutley disgust me. You are a joke.
02/19/2011 2:43PM
Pregnant agan?
She jus told one of her stripper friends mon. nite at charlotte that she thinks she's knocked up agan! She hates using protection or guys that do.. How f*kd is that!
02/19/2011 2:44PM
Prob dont like the taste of rubber
02/19/2011 4:41PM
Thinking based on her priors she will be serving 5-7 yrs in the big house.
02/19/2011 5:25PM
Prob just a year
I no a guy in greece who had 8 DWI's and got 1yr
02/24/2011 10:45AM
Chastity > Chloe
Chastity may be a hoe....but Chloe is the hell spawn of a pig
02/25/2011 4:40PM
She's baaaack.....
chasity the h**ker,er escort,er,.. dancer is back . Grab sum $and antibiotics and see her at TALLY HOE from 4pm til 2am
03/29/2011 6:18PM
that looks like jenna mourey....
04/06/2011 11:16PM
wow..small world
this is rediculos!..chastity, let me b your hero. cuz u r hott n u r meltin..u need someone to cool u sown..all this drama..for what? ur a person with a right to live..just b careful of ur so called friends and b careful of others..
06/15/2011 2:45PM
Sex with chastity
I had sex with chastity on multiple occasions. Not cheap, but very easy!
06/22/2011 7:14PM
look at how far she's come!
Ha i went to school with her.
06/25/2011 5:31PM
Her sex is not good
07/02/2011 7:19PM
so lost, so sad
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree......her mother used to be pretty, and she was a stripper as well. She was a nasty human being though, treated people like they were nothing, used people etc. She ended up addicted to crack and selling herself on lyell ave. Chastity is one of five kids by 5 different men that were neglected, severely abused, and then abandoned my their "mother". This girl was never given a chance to become a decent human being. Another lost soul looking for attention and love in all the wrong places. She is young enough still to turn her life around and rise above her past, but the lifestyle she leads has been a part of her since day one. Chastity, you ARE a beautiful, smart, and caring person......please learn to love and respect yourself before it is too late..
07/13/2011 3:48AM
The Real Reason for her Dislike: Stripper vs. Character?
It is just as immoral, unethical, disrespectful, and degrading for men to frequent strip clubs as it is for women to work in them. Furthermore, everyone seems to have forgotten the real reason it seems she is so badly talked about..not that she is just a "stripper", but the fact that she doesn't have "morals or a soul", and does "just about anything for money" and does "drugs and drinks heavily", all stated by Chastity herself. It's not necessarily the fact that she is a stripper that people seem to look down on her as much, let alone the biggest thing no one has mentioned in this blog yet. Evidently, her character...how did her biggest flaw go unnoticed this far?
09/19/2011 7:39PM
What a dog.
I can't even believe people think this mutt is good looking. She should be sentenced to ten years with a bag over her head.
09/20/2011 9:17AM
always feels good
when you have here bent over, who cares. me like felony long time!!
10/24/2011 12:09AM
Who cares.
Strippers don't have feelings....
01/22/2013 8:19AM
There r a lot of haters in the world as u can read, time will come to pass. God closes 1 door and opens another keep ur head up.
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