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Should Women Be on the Front Lines?

If you are in the Military, would you want a woman serving on the front line with you?

Carrying a gun, a body, skill level??

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01/24/2013 9:18AM
Should Women Be on the Front Lines?
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01/25/2013 9:11AM
women in the front line
most definently if they can make it through boot camp they deserve to be on the front lines.
01/26/2013 9:47AM
I was 8.5 spec ops and a woman is AS capable its the training that makes the difference a mommas boy can be retrained to be a stone cold killer. A woman who can manipulate her own body weight and handle her own equipment and meet current standards should be allowed. Communication and training being the key to unit survival being able to depend on the SOLDIER to your left right front or back of you is the key. Should all women be allowed NO should all men be allowed NO should those CAPABLE of maintaining their MILITARY BEARING unit integrity and CONTRIBUTE to the success of the mission without degrading taem functionality. A wimpy mamas boy has no place in my unit and neither does miss priss BUT if you are WILLING AND CAPABLE to throw down and stand with all your unit members PHYSICALLY MENTALLY AND EMOTIONALLY WELCOME. AS MEN DO WE CRY DO WE BREAKDOWN YES WE ARE NOT UNFEELING OR UNCARING. It takes way more than just physical strength which is just one component. Intelligence perserverance self control and a can do mindset
01/29/2013 5:14PM
Yes, but will they be instructed to register for the draft at their local Post Office when they turn 18?
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