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Sen. Jim Alesi Sues Perinton Couple

He entered their home a few years ago while it was still being built and broke his leg.

Here's the thing: the front door was locked and he was never given permission to enter the home. Why would he do this?

Details: CLICK HERE.

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People : Jim Alesi Sues Perinton

01/24/2011 6:31AM
Sen. Jim Alesi Sues Perinton Couple
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01/24/2011 6:44AM
Kimberely and Beck
Jim Alesi and Demelio are the epitomy of whats wrong with our government on a local state and federal level
01/24/2011 8:40AM
I never voted for him, but used to think he wasn't as bad as some other politicians. WRONG!
01/24/2011 9:32AM
He is totally wrong
What a sleeze ball. He can stop the action at any time. He knows this is wrong and that he has no grounds whatsoever. I too thought he ws a decent person as politicians go. Why won't he talk to the local media about this? What was he doing in a house with a door locked. It was obvious he was going to get into that house no matter what. The police even said it was criminal trespass. Unfortunatly, our crooked judges are going to give him something. This is what is wrong with our world in America. Thieves and crooks are sueing and winning even though they are commiting a crime. What BS.
01/24/2011 9:51AM
I am no expert but if no Cert of Occ was issued on house, there is no home owners insurance in place - usually homeowners policies take effect when the mortgage is put in place - not during construction- the only insurance in effect would be the builder's insurance -
01/24/2011 11:06AM
And...Money Will Go To Money
Must be he needs money in these hard times, what an A$$! (you can read between the lines)
01/24/2011 12:29PM
How can we let Alesi know what we think of him?
Besides calling his office is there an email or website where we can leave a note for Alesi telling him how we feel? He needs to know the public is just sick about his actions. Thank you.
01/24/2011 1:09PM
that's whats wrong w/ this country 2day scumbag politicians like this... they should've treated this azzhole like a horse and saved the taxpayers a lot of money and shot the piece of s*%t
01/24/2011 1:13PM
What is Alesi thinking?
Does he honestly think his constituents will re-elect him after pulling an under-handed stunt like this?! I'd like to know if there is someone we can request his removal as our representative, and if so how we can go about making that happen! This guy was charged with criminal trespass! He broke the law and there have been plenty of other officials asked to step down for violations such as a DWI so why not him? Not that a DWI is excusable, but at least you can say that was a stupid thing done on a whim. Alesi had 3 years to think about what he did and instead of accepting responsibility for his own illegal act, he wants money from the owner and builder who are completely innocent?! I don't want that underhanded, law breaking, coniving slime-hole representing me! How do we get rid of him???????
01/24/2011 4:27PM
Alesi Wasn't Thinking
And neither was his lawyer. The lawyer should be named so we can find out who is equally underhanded and slimey. It's interesting that he waited until the trespass statute of limitations was up. Now the owners can't counterclaim against him. He certainly won't get any votes from me again if he even dares to run. Talk about fodder for the opposing party!!
01/24/2011 5:33PM
Another nail in the coffin of morality!
This guy is a complete maggot! Acceptable actions at this point are as follows: Stop the suit, Resign from office, fade away FOREVER!
01/24/2011 7:16PM
We pay for his "advertising"
Doesn't anyone remember the article that told us that he uses tax dollars to send the mailings telling us what a good senator he is? That's when I decided never to vote for him again. He's been a dirt bag for a long time.
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