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Security Beefed Up for High School Basketball Playoffs

There's a history of kids getting in fights down at Blue Cross Arena during the Section V playoffs. So why wasn't security already beefed up?

And who is fighting? Kids from the schools involved or outsiders?

Details: CLICK HERE.

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03/09/2011 6:53AM
Security Beefed Up for High School Basketball Playoffs
Comment here...
03/09/2011 7:26AM
City School
Make the city schools play at there own school. every where they go they have to start things
03/09/2011 7:28AM
How to Stop the fights
Have Kimberly the fat cow there she would scare the hell out of anybody and keep everybody in line with the I am better than you or anyone
03/09/2011 12:27PM
that post is correct. fat kimberly can eat anyone that misbehaves!
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