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Sam the Barber Beats the Crap Out of Robbers

Local barber shop owner gets held hostage, but has revenge on this douche trying to rob him! Nice work Sam! BTW, Sam is 69 years old!

Full story, CLICK HERE.

12/01/2010 7:29AM
Sam the Barber Beats the Crap Out of Robbers
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12/01/2010 9:23PM
sammy the barber free black eyes
Awesome story...usually don't turn out this fortunate...one for the good guys!
12/03/2010 8:18AM
Sam the barber
There's alot about mr Sam the barber that is left out, let's think about this here someones not going to make a hit on a barber making 10 dollars a haircut. There's bigger facts behind the Innocent barber let's be smart, also there's a reason he's not showing his face or interviewing.
12/04/2010 12:44AM
mrs tortorice would be proud
Hey guys you bros turned out to be quite model citizens and your mama and papa would be very proud of you. You both will have plenty of time to be cell mates and your parents can visit you and commend you for your actions. Losers!
12/04/2010 8:52AM
everybody knows everything no ones ever wrong
Whoever wrote about sam the barber doesn't know samm. He is a hard working person who was running a business and had many customers who liked him so don't make statements that are untrue. Maybe the reason he's not showing his face or interviewing is because he's smart.
12/05/2010 1:59AM
no one does know the truth
Sam should show his face he is not being smart he does not want people to see that his face is beat up pretty bad, the police have said that to many. What happened was not a good thing but be realistic Sam is not the hero people are making him out to be he is a bookie and he is also being investigated just so ya'll know......
12/05/2010 7:35AM
ha ha
A hero he is he effed both those bitches up. He is not a bookie that's poppycock! There is nothing that can be said about the tortorices they commited a crime and now must do the time bottom line.
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