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Rush-Henrietta Football Star Suspended

The young man allegedly (as MANY of our listeners told us) exposed his front parts to Irondequoit fans after losing against them in Section V basketball.

Here's our conversation with his father: CLICK HERE.

The latest: CLICK HERE.

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03/15/2011 6:26AM
Rush-Henrietta Football Star Suspended
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03/15/2011 6:59PM
You are both losers!
Losers! You have nothing better to do than to make a kid who already feels bad enough about what he did, and no he DID NOT flash himself, and make it worse. It is too bad that the other side of the issue has been totally overlooked by everyone in the media. I was at that game and since when is it ok for anyone to endure the taunting and racial slurs that he was taking from the Irondequoit students and more sadly the ADULTS! Think about every side of the situation. That is something that no one has done. He snapped, he made a gesture and he is taking more abuse for it than needed. What is worse is that the Irondeqouit fans, 2 days after the fact, decide that they are going to call a radio station and start a rumor of something that did not happen. IF he really flashed himself, why did it take 2 days for this to come out. If he flashed himself, it would have been all over the internet facebook etc, that night. Where are the pictures? In this day in age, there are pictures of everything, yet none of him flashing himself. Gee, I wonder why? Plus with all the staff and security there, it would have been dealt with that night. What they did to him on every level was immature and classless. What you did to allow the first caller on the air and make it something more than it was was even more classless. This is a kid! I can only hope that none of your kids are ever put in a situation where they are taunted and they react and something more is made of it than what actually happened. He is feeling about as low as one can get. But for you to continue to add salt to the wound. Shame on you!! Shame on everyone who is involved.
03/17/2011 8:24PM
This seems to be a trend with this radio station!
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