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Kimberly and Beck

M-F 5:00 - 10:00a

RUN AND HIDE SQUIRRELS... you will die soon

RUN AND HIDE SQUIRRELS... you dont have long to live

Holley Fire Department, 7 Thomas St., Holley
Saturday, February 16 Rain, Snow or Sun
Registration ends Monday, February 11
Pre-registration: $10 per person (Two-Person Teams)
Team Prizes: 1st $200, 2nd $100, 3rd $50
Largest overall individual squirrel $50, Special Drawing “Loser's Pool $50
14 yrs. And under – Single heaviest $50
Raffles, Door Prizes, Gun Raffle, 50/50
Non-Hunters welcome (Ticket must be purchased)
Sign up or more info: Dennis Bauer 794-3744
Wayne Moyer 659-8063
Tina Reed 331-3040

Spend a day in the woods and then enjoy the party!

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Locations : Hazzard County
People : Dennis BauerHolley FireTina ReedWayne Moyer

01/24/2013 9:13AM
RUN AND HIDE SQUIRRELS... you will die soon
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01/25/2013 1:49PM
Shame to Holly Fire Dept.
You all should be ashamed of yourselves. Teaching young children that it is okay to kill animals for sport in your Hazzard County Squirrel Slam. You are all a disgrace to humanity. Please cancel this event and replace it with something that will teach your young ones the value of life..... like all fire fighters should know!
01/25/2013 2:34PM
Way to go Firefighters dedicated to saving lives??????
Seriously?!?! THIS is how you spend time with and bond with your children? By teaching them it's ok to kill something? This is why kids are so desensitized to the world around them and have no problem killing each other. It's all a big game to them. Oh boy!!!! Let's KILL something defenseless cuz that makes us big, strong men.....NOT. Stand up straight, lift your knuckles off the ground. We have EVOLVED people!!! At least those of us that live outside of Hazzard County, NY!!!
01/25/2013 2:38PM
Shame on the fire department, and the town of Holley!
Shame on you all for glorifying gun violence and teaching your children that it is 'fun' to kill innocent creatures for sport! In this day and age, this should be offensive to anyone, anywhere.
01/25/2013 2:56PM
Way to tech your children about the sanctity of life, respecting nature, and the meaning of 'Hero." This is a sad time for humanity.
01/25/2013 2:57PM
Such bad publicity for your radio station. "Run and Hide Squirrels. You will die soon"....seriously??? I hope you idiots find yourselves standing in the unemployment line behind a pair of equally idiotic Australian DJs.
01/25/2013 3:03PM
Shame on Holly Fire Dept!!!!
What ever happened to the sweet pictures of firefighters rescuing animals from burning buildings? Thank you Holly Fire Dept. for stomping on those images.
01/25/2013 4:22PM
Keep doing good
Thank you Holly Fire Dept for this fund raiser. It is squirrel season, as per New York State, and what better way for Dad to teach his Son something useful. We all should know how to use a shotgun. This is NOT a negative post.......
01/25/2013 4:28PM
Animal Abuse and Gun Violence in Children.
I am appalled over this senseless slaughter of squirrels. What a cruel and heartless town The Village Holley is. Great way to raise delinquent kids who love gun violence and animal abuse. This has to stop!!
01/25/2013 5:06PM
keep doing good
you are an idiot
01/25/2013 6:49PM
What is wrong with you people???! This is sick and inhumane conduct that should NOT be taught to our children! You're teaching them that it's alright to kill small animals when they're young, so that they kill bigger, and possibly human, when they get older. Serial killers began this way, too! You must rethink this and teach the children constructive activities. PLEASE!
01/25/2013 7:53PM
Stop Squirrel Slam NOW
I'm ashamed of the town of Holley, the media, the mayors office and the fire dept. Squirrel season?... It's BABY season. Right NOW is when the babies are coming... By hosting this shoot in February, you will potentially be leaving hundreds of babies abandoned to freeze and starve to death. THIS is what you call fun for the whole family? You encourage children to do this? What is wrong with all of you? This has gone on long enough! For SHAME! Stop this NOW... it's already a world wide story, is this the way you want the world to meet Holley, or for that matter, the United States of America?!
01/25/2013 8:37PM
Disgraceful! Disgusting! Despicable!
It is not FUN to kill sweet animals. I hope those who are religious realize they will have to answer for this. It is NOT good to teach children that it's okay to kill for fun. To kill sweet animals like a game. VIOLENCE is already surrounding us, this is another example of how disgusting people are.
01/25/2013 8:51PM
Lets leave babies orphaned, afraid, and freezing. NO THAT'S NOT OKAY! Anyone with this much hatred in their heart that they can kill these animals for a thrill deserve BADDDDDDDDDDDDD things to happen to them!! No GOOD person would have any part ofthis!!! IT'S AN OUTRAGE! I am getting really sick of this country and the heartless bastards it houses. This radio station broadcasts about this event to the point that it puts people into tears, GOD WILLING YOU GO OUT OF BUSINESS!!
01/25/2013 8:51PM
Lets leave babies orphaned, afraid, and freezing. NO THAT'S NOT OKAY! Anyone with this much hatred in their heart that they can kill these animals for a thrill deserve BADDDDDDDDDDDDD things to happen to them!! No GOOD person would have any part ofthis!!! IT'S AN OUTRAGE! I am getting really sick of this country and the heartless bastards it houses. This radio station broadcasts about this event to the point that it puts people into tears, GOD WILLING YOU GO OUT OF BUSINESS!!
01/25/2013 9:03PM
anyone who gets pleasure out of killing an animal for sport and not food is horrid. it doesn't make you smart or tough or big and bad. if you get pleasure in taking a life, than i'd look at you as being capable of killing anything.
01/25/2013 9:43PM
Humanity Has Sunk To An All Time Low
With all of the media coverage of late about how bad realistic role player video games are for the youth of America and what it is teaching them, they should stop and look at this example. This is exactly what we do not want to teach our children. I am appalled at the community leaders of Holley for allowing this killing spree to take place year after year. The Fire Department has already shown the public just what kind of people they really are by how rude and insulting they have been to the concerned people that have taken the time to pick up a phone and reach out to them. Is this really the kind of example we want our fire personnel to show to the public? I realize and understand that all fire departments must hold fund raisers to try and make up the difference in their budget and the funds that they receive, but I think some intelligence and thought should go into what type of fund raiser you want to do and how it would make you look in the eyes of the people around you... or you simply may not care. As others have mentioned, it IS the middle of baby season and with the slaughter you have planned, you are going to leave orphans to freeze and starve to death. Innocent lives snuffed out all because you want to have what you call "fun". I do not have a word harsh enough in my vocabulary to call this what it really is, but then I forgot, the Fire Department in Holley really does not care what anyone thinks about them. To the people that reside in Holley, remember these people represent you and their actions are a reflection of you whether you realize it or not. To be sure there has to be at least one kind-hearted soul in Holley that will let their voice be heard against this? Only time will tell...
01/25/2013 9:49PM
This is the most disgusting and sickening event. How can you support an event that teaches children to kill squirrels for fun and gives out prizes? Children should be taught to respect animals and nature.
01/25/2013 10:09PM
Please stop the insanity!
This is so wrong and so sad! Kimberly & Beck, Holley Fire Department, town of Holley -- what you are advocating here is just shameful and offensive -- encouraging children toward killing defenseless animals for "fun and sport". Please, please re-think the message you are sending by supporting this activity, and call it off.
01/26/2013 12:20AM
What is wrong with you?
What is worse is that it's not a hunt. It's slaughter!!! The squirrels are trapped and then released to be killed.
01/26/2013 10:02AM
What a disgraceful Fire Department and Town
How shameful for a Fire Department to host a disgraceful event like this. With all of the violence by children in this country, this is what you come up with for a fundraiser? Teach a child violence that leaves the baby squirrels to die of starvation or hypothermia. That's something to be proud of. You should be teaching your children to respect wildlife. What a great way to put Holley on the map. I wouldn't want anyone on your Fire Department taking care of me. You show no value for life. As for the headline - you all should be fired.
01/26/2013 11:22AM
What ever happened to a bake sale, or a raffle, why does it have to involve killing animals by children.Haha whats gonna happen when they ban guns ? How will they raise money then,by a normal fund raiser,just saying,When they kill that momma squirrel why dont you fireman take your ladder truck up and get her babies out of the nest and everyone camp out a few days and watch them die.The town of Holley needs some real counceling for the adults.Beck I dont know you and to me thats a good thing,You are an asshat just like Kimberly said!!!
01/26/2013 11:22AM
What ever happened to a bake sale, or a raffle, why does it have to involve killing animals by children.Haha whats gonna happen when they ban guns ? How will they raise money then,by a normal fund raiser,just saying,When they kill that momma squirrel why dont you fireman take your ladder truck up and get her babies out of the nest and everyone camp out a few days and watch them die.The town of Holley needs some real counceling for the adults.Beck I dont know you and to me thats a good thing,You are an A**hat just like Kimberly said!!!
01/26/2013 11:29AM
What are you teaching our young people?
I have always had the greatest respect for firefighters and other first responders who put their own lives on the line to save strangers' lives and possessions. What bravery and compassion these firefighters must possess to do this! So, imagine my profound disappointment to see an event like this being held by firefighters. Our society suffers from an ever-increasing culture of gun violence. We all have the responsibility to teach our children that violence is not the way. To hold an event like this, which rewards violence with cash prizes, is not teaching our children well. And, how can the firefighters of Holley be so insensitive to their fallen brothers from the West Webster Fire Company who were ambushed and gunned down by a sniper just two months ago? Perhaps the six-year run of the Squirrel Slam is enough, and now it's time to find a new, peaceful way to raise the needed funds.
01/26/2013 11:45AM
embarrassed by my WNY neighbors
this is disgusting teaching children to kill. And many of those squirrels will be pregnant or nursing mothers, leaving behind orphans to die. Shame on the firefighters for condoning and supporting this .. firefighters who have always been heroes in my eyes.
01/26/2013 11:50AM
Have you nothing better to do than to kill squirrels?? You sure know how to give yourselves a bad name and your reputation as firefighters is disgraced!! Sick sick sick
01/26/2013 11:50AM
aren't you embarrased by this after the ambush in Webster???
run and hide you will die soon?? after local events in YOUR suburb?? shame on you ...
01/26/2013 11:51AM
Really classy
Not only do I have no respect for these firefighters who are supposed to value and save lives, but are hosting a KILL -your little blog spot leaves no doubt in my mind that you folks deserve each other. Here's to hoping you keep your backwoods, irresponsible, and disgraceful selves TO yourselves. The world doesn't need any more of your kind.
01/26/2013 12:03PM
I hope you lose many listeners!!! Sick!!
01/26/2013 12:04PM
if you oppose ambushing the defenseless please sign petition
01/26/2013 12:18PM
Shame on you!!!!!
Squirrels are wonderful little creatures and certainly do NOT deserve this barbaric treatment!!! You must have been born with little or no brain to think this is a fun idea!!! You MUST cancel it. Do not forget..........God is watching.
01/26/2013 12:33PM
YOU MAKE ME SICK!!!!!!!!!!
How can anyone think killing defenseless squirrels can be a fun family event? I am so sad for the innocent baby squirrels that will lose their mothers and be left to starve to death. Way to go...you must really be proud of yourselves...but I'm sickened by you.
01/26/2013 1:06PM
This is terrible!
You should not be teaching children to kill innocent animals. This event is disgusting and barbaric. You should be teaching children to respect nature. I am just sick thinking about the poor slaughtered animals, I don't know how you sleep at night.
01/26/2013 1:19PM
I wonder how other firefighters look at the Holly fire department. They should also be made known of this. You make all firefighters look bad doing this. I live in midstate NY and Never heard of any fire department doing something like this. Can't you just put up targets to shoot at like gun clubs do?
01/26/2013 1:27PM
Abusive behavior
Let's see what we have here - guns, kids, animals, fire fighters, a town with an annual "fun" event. What is the end product of this "fun"? Dead animals, gun giveaways, the message that it's ok for families to bond by killing together, public servants who see this whole thing a s a great way to raise money and entertain the public. With all of the gun violence in this country, you think adding to it is somehow ok. Having 14-year-olds killing animals is somehow ok. Teaching them that abusing animals is somehow ok. Well folks, it is NOT ok - none of it. Not one part of it. And making fun and joking about it on your radio show is pathetic. You have a long way to go before you can call yourselves human beings. I hope that someday all of you wake up to what you are actually doing here - adding to the misery of the planet and to your own self-degradation.
01/26/2013 2:09PM
Please Find Another Way To Make Money/ I will send money
Dear Firefighters, I thought this was a joke the first time I saw it in print. Firefighters promoting killing of something for sport. It just didn't sound like the fire fighter hero stories I've heard since 9/11. With all the school shootings and general violence going on in the country now, I don't think children should participate or witness their parents killing and slamming cute little helpless squirrels. They are as helpless as those Sandy Hook first graders who were murdered by the young man who watched this type of violence in the video games he played. Kids don't need this kind of violence in their lives. So please reconsider what you are going to do to these helpless squirrels and still innocent children.
01/26/2013 2:57PM
Have you ever had one of your dear pets die? How did you feel? Have you ever lost a mother? How did you feel? Why do you want to inflict pain and suffering on innocent squirrels? What have they ever done to you? They plant trees that give you oxygen tobreathe and food to eat! Why are you teaching children to kill defenseless creatures? PLEASE PLEASE STOP THIS EVENT! GET TOGETHER WITH YOUR LOVED ONES IN A PEACEFUL MANNER!
01/26/2013 3:22PM
What's wrong with you, Holley Fire Department?
This is a barbaric and awful thing to do! What kind of example is this for children as well? Squirrels are just wild animals trying to get along like all the other animals. No one, human or animal deserves to be treated this way. Shame on you!
01/26/2013 8:10PM
Shame on Holley, NY and WBZA Kimberly & Beck
Why would your radio station, your town, and your Fire Department promote this type of event? What kind of a town is this? Thanks to the tireless work of alot of people working to get the word out about this event it is getting alot of coverage in areas other than your own. A large majority of people hope that you will reconsider this "squirrel slam". What you choose to do will determine how the world views Holley, NY.
01/26/2013 8:11PM
Encouraging future mass murderers
Nice way of creating more Adam Lanzas. Innocent blood will be on your hands.
01/26/2013 8:19PM
This is neither humorous or humane
I am appalled by your publicizing of this event. Events such as this desensitize children to killing. We have had so much senseless violence in this country, why would you want to perpetuate this mentality? If you want to teach gun safety to your children, take them to a firing range. Want to spend time in nature bonding with children? Take them on a hike, shoot animals with a camera, teach them to respect all living things, to enjoy the beauty of nature, not wantonly kill them for “fun.” That is sick, not heroic. I hope your listeners boycott your station and that public outcry puts an end to this event. Your rhetoric is neither funny nor enlightened.
01/26/2013 9:50PM
Fire department not doing its job
I didn't think the job description of a firefighter included wasting time killing animals just for the heck of it. Sounds these firefighters don't have much work to do and way too much idle time. Maybe it's time for some layoffs. This is the job description of a firefighter: Responds to emergency calls for fire, medical, and other emergency situations. Removes individuals from dangerous/hazardous situations. Performs all activities necessary to suppress/extinguish fires. Assesses emergency medical problems and performs prescribed treatment as outlined and authorized under Tennessee First Responder guidelines. Performs code enforcement, pre-fire surveys and building inspections; issues burn permits; maintains hydrants; provides education to the public on fire safety/prevention; provides tours of fire station facilities. Cleans/maintains fire stations, grounds, apparatus and other equipment; makes minor repairs/adjustments to apparatus and equipment. Operates machinery, equipment and light motor vehicles; ensures appropriate maintenance; may operate specialized fire vehicles/equipment (fire engines, ladder trucks, pumps, etc.) with sufficient experience and training. Receives and/or prepares various documentation (forms, checklists, reports, correspondence, etc.); processes, completes, and/or forwards as appropriate. Responds to routine requests for information from officials, employees, and members of the staff, the public or other individuals. Participates in and conducts training classes. May be required to fill in for a firefighter of a higher grade or rank on a temporary basis, but not to exceed 30 continuous shifts and perform related duties as required. May be required to perform other duties as necessary. I don't think this includes encouraging the slaughter of animals.
01/26/2013 11:25PM
Don't shoot it if you aren't going to eat it
Any other type of hunting "sport" is immoral! Squirrels are living beings and creatures of God's Creation. They don't deserve to be treated this way; no animal or human does. Are we an enlightened, progressive, compassionate nation, or a bunch of ignorant rednecks?
01/26/2013 11:42PM
Go to the grocery store!
There are plenty of great animals that are killed for us to eat at the market, why would you want to kill your neighborhood wildlife in a shared environment for food? For fun??? That is sickening! Use targets if you think teaching your kid how to use a gun is a smart idea, not a living thing! NO RESPECT FOR NATURE!
01/26/2013 11:57PM
"The fate of animals is of greater importance to me than the fear of appearing ridiculous" - Emile Zola "Compassion for animals is intimately connected with goodness of character; and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man" -Schopenhauer "I will not kill or hurt any living creature needlessly, nor destroy any beautiful thing, but will strive to save and comfort all gentle life, and guard and protect all natural beauty upon this earth" -John Ruskin
01/27/2013 9:39PM
Greetings from Orange County, NY.
This fire department isn't like most. Most fire departments are staffed by humane and moral men and women. The Holley Fire Department is staffed by pathetic cowards who teach kids cruelty and violence. The BUZZ is apparently staffed by morons as well.
01/28/2013 8:38AM
mahatma ghandi had it right ...
"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated."
01/28/2013 9:37PM
Avid outdoorsman roch
All these comments opposing this fundraiser is reduculous! I understand that people are entitled to an opinion but come on, give it up. The human civilization did not get to where is is today because they went to the grocery store for food! People don't know how good they have it. The bottom line is the squirrels that will be harvested durring this fundraiser are not going to waist every but will be used rather it be for dinners of making flies for fishing from the furs. Not for nothing we won't be harvesting squirrels off people yards and bird feeders. I'm proud to SUPPORT the ( 7th ANNUAL) squirrel slam and I will be there standing proud with my harvest in hand! As for the buzz posting this info on their web page. Why wouldn't they!? It's a radio station people! Stop action so dumb. Publicity is what fuels tv news n radio and you people eat it right up every day. No one likes to hear when people kill other people. The sad fact is that's the world we live in today .
01/29/2013 12:31PM
Instead go fo the Rabbits
I rather rabbit, tastes much better. Easier to kill too.
01/30/2013 11:09AM
Prez fuzzynuts
How about the FACT there so called activist be investigated they hide behind calling them selves rehabbers but really that have squirrel obsessions WhAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TOO CAGE MOTHER NATURE IN YOUR HOMES
01/31/2013 8:32AM
Back to Basics
People eat the meat. Same concept as a fishing derby. Consumers today are too far removed about where their food comes from.
01/31/2013 8:53AM
I am NOT a hunter NOR would I ever eat any deer, squirrel, or anything else. BUT I do 100% support everyone else rights to hunt, fish, and teach hunting/shooting safety. If we are going to have a problem with hunting squirrels why not a problem with people who fish? They are "hunting" fish. I mean when will our rights stop being questioned? Do you want to live in a military state? Do you want to end up being so lacking in control of what you can and cannot do because you fear things you do not understand? Get real!
01/31/2013 9:12AM
How about all those vegetarians who won't eat meat, but will eat fish. Why? Because the fish aren't "cute and fuzzy"? Sounds discriminatory to me.
01/31/2013 10:45AM
Harvesting Own Food
You'll wish you knew how to harvest your own food in the event of some catastrophe. Also, harvesting one's own food gives one the satisfaction of knowing where it came from and how it was safely prepared and properly grown/fed. Meats, vegetables, eggs, milk, etc. that are "home grown" and "hunted" are proven/scientifically tested to be more nutrient rich and healthier and tastes much better than "factory" produced. Kudos to those with the gumption to take the time to learn and do it!
01/31/2013 5:59PM
Something Squirrelly Is Going On In Holley NY! ;)
01/31/2013 6:48PM
Squirrels are RODENTS, like rats and mice.
01/31/2013 8:56PM
RUN AND HIDE SQUIRRELS... you will die soon
I'd go if it weren't so far. Par boil your squirrel before BBQ ing. it makes them more tender.Have them with a regular beer none of the limp wrist lite cr..
01/31/2013 8:59PM
RUN AND HIDE SQUIRRELS... you will die soon
can an assault rifle be used or just shot guns
01/31/2013 9:02PM
Maybe you all would change your mind if you walked a mile in their innocent shoes? I couldn't think of a better way to bond than being hunted by another. I Guess these fireboys are still immature and their brains never developed! It's also disqusting that their subjecting minors to do something they'll probably regret when their older. This should be illegal on that basis alone! I hope they shoot themselves
01/31/2013 9:05PM
RUN AND HIDE SQUIRRELS... you will die soon
limp wrists are here winning while some one else butchers their chicken dinner.Others are bonding with their kids in a traditional squirrel hunt.
02/01/2013 9:59AM
Thanks Media !!
Thanks media for all the free publicity, I'm sure it's hard to find tickets now.
02/03/2013 1:13AM
May your disregard for life...
Be transferred to your children... You will mourn their deaths, dismemberments or incarceration. Parents are to bring children up to bet responsible current citizens, perhaps ya'll should gut yer kids together and leave Holley alone. Go move to Africa or something- we don't need more help like ya'lls in this messed up country.
02/03/2013 1:45PM
Please don't let this happen!
Isn't our country violent enough without this? No wonder we have mass shootings every few days!
02/05/2013 11:26AM
A very thoughtful blog about hunting
02/05/2013 11:28AM
A very thoughtful blog about hunting
crueltyfreeeating dot com and just click on the latest post. We have a lot to learn about hunting and how it affects everyone.
02/05/2013 11:30AM
As far as limp wrists
Go vegan. There is no need to eat animals. And my friend I do not have limp wrists. I have a strong heart and mind as well.
02/05/2013 11:34AM
In the event of a catastrophe
It is plants that will sustain you. When you eat an animal it is gone. When you eat a plant, you can plant the seeds and get more. You must hope for pregnancy, then wait 9.5 months for the birth of a cow and then wait even longer for the cow to fatten up. With plants you sow the seeds in the spring and begin your harvest all summer and into Fall. You store the roots and potatoes and grains over the winter and start again in spring. A quarter acre of land can sustain a family of four. This has been done for centuries prior to our current system of convenience.
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