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Police ID the Other Guy Who Tried Robbing Sam the Barber

Check out his facebook pictures below... freaking classic. Nice porn pic there bud hahahaha. Also, how do you leave your brother behind like he did to get busted??? That's lame dude...

Full story, CLICK HERE.

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12/03/2010 6:57AM
Poice ID the Other Guy Who Tried Robbing Sam the Barber
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12/03/2010 9:16AM
OMG!!! this guy is a real douche
12/03/2010 8:13PM
good people do bad things
just because sombody does a bad thing it does not mean they are a bad person. I dont agree or condone what he did but this is a good man and he will pay for his crime. Let the judge and jury judge him.
12/03/2010 9:58PM
Rich is also in some more BIG trouble... he has been in trouble before... back in his 20's, and the felony he got back then doesn't allow him to carry fire arms or have a hunting license, which of course he has been doing for many years... so now the DEC is looking for him to bring up more charges. Although a friend of a family member of mine, I hope to god what he told this family member of mine will not prove to be true and he will turn himself in before the alternative... Rich please... I know things are bad.. but please turn yourself and we will pray for you...
12/04/2010 10:10AM
They will be brought to justice
These guys may have made a mistake but they are good people.
12/05/2010 2:07AM
True Family
For the one writing to rich you know nothing so zip it... If you don't know him you should not speak of him, he is a good man, YOU ARE INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY! This family is being dragged through the mud for what reason? The people that feel the need to bad mouth the whole family I say Thank You at least we know people are thinking of us whether it be good or bad. We know who we are as people and a family we do not need your approval!!!!!!!!!!!
12/05/2010 7:19AM
true family of low lifes
"He is a good man" I just love when people try to defend criminals. A good man wood not ennter a barber shop with rifles and try and rob a hard working businessmann. The whole entire family derserves to be dragged threw the mud with actions like this from the tortorice bruthers. Richard u can run but u can't hide u will be caught.
12/05/2010 11:19PM
I got your low life
Why don't you come say that to the whole family and see what you get. Sammy is not innocent.. Good people make bad decisions to. Bet your not perfect either PAL. How about you come see me and No I am not a Tortorice but I will stand behind them....... Learn to spell before you write you sound dumb.. And he will not be caught trust me...................
12/06/2010 10:24AM
Say that to the whole family?
Why is sammy not innocent? Actually I am perfect, I dont have a criminal record. Stop making excuses for these aholes. Tell me if you know so much about Richard, why wont he be caught? Seriously? Oh, and stop making threats, thats not nice. Tell me more if u know what your talking about.
12/06/2010 7:31PM
Let's be REAL!!!!!
Time will tell all about Mr. Sammy. Just because you have not been caught that's why you don't have a record YET... You don't worry about Richard buddy. I am not threatening anyone if I was I would spell it out. This whole situation is screwed up to begin with, Never should have happened but it did and it will all end with a Judge and Jury.
12/07/2010 9:45AM
Im as real as it gets
You have no clue what your talking about. Your right should of never happened.If you knew anything about this situatuion you would say information that is true. Where is Robin and Kate? Where is Richard? I know where Dennis is..Richard needs to be with him.
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