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Penn Yan Bus Driver Fired

She had left a 3 year old on a bus for over 3 hours...

Full story, CLICK HERE.

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12/10/2010 7:02AM
Penn Yan Bus Driver Fired
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12/10/2010 7:44AM
This Lady is crazy what is suing the school district going to do? People are all about suing what is the money going to do to make this better come on people grow up.
12/10/2010 8:11AM
in my area we had a bus driver with a bus full of kids was caught driving drunk neighbors who saw helped the kids off the bus after the bus finally pulled over, all the kids made it off the bus alright Thank God. No one sued the school, the bus driver was fired. Which its good no one sued because our taxes are high enough...i can't imagine how much they would have went up if the parents would have sued.
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