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Pavilion Brothers Busted for Selling Cocaine

And also selling fireworks LOL. Details: CLICK HERE

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03/04/2011 7:09AM
Pavilion Brothers Busted for Selling Cocaine
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03/04/2011 9:48AM
first off i'll start off by saying that im normally a regular listener of the buzz.however today im getting a little mad as i myself am a family friend , they r both very respectful young men . they both work full time and would do about anything for anyone at any one time . how ever i believe you all are being rather harsh over this matter .where do you get off saying on air that they sell drugs ......" A pair of brothers from Pavilion are being accused of dealing cocaine and were arraigned in Pavilion Town Court on Tuesday following their arrest by Deputy Brian Thompson. Cocaine, marijuana and fireworks were allegedly found in their Ellicott Road home.The brothers are David James Chauncey 21, and Steven Michael Chauncey 20. Both were charged with criminal possession of a narcotic with intent to sell and criminal possession of marijuana, 4th, as well as unlawful dealing with fireworks. Following their arraignment they were released under supervision of Genesee Justice."...... what happened to innocent till proven quilty?..... think you need to find something else to talk about rather than bashing some people you have no facts on
03/05/2011 9:55AM
RE: ridiculous
I too am very close to the family. These boys have been like brothers my whole life and I agree they are being harsh. And obviously they have nothing better to do than bash them. That's all they do on the radio.
03/05/2011 10:27AM
03/05/2011 1:55PM
Get over it.
They were arrested, they were charged, it was in the paper. They are just talking about the facts that are presented in the media. That is what Beck and the other one talk about, Things in the news. You people sound like typical family and friends. Oh nothey would never do that. Drugs and fireworks found in their apartment, so yes they would do that. Nobody wants to believe their friends or family is a criminal, but guess what, it happens. You can't deny when caught red handed...
03/05/2011 11:41PM
Clearly if you reread the comments above no one ever said those boys would never do that. I mean yeah if it was in their house obviously it means they did something. But that doesn't mean they're bad kids at all. You don't know these guys like I do or like any of the people that commented do. These boys would do anything for anyone. Just because they did one thing bad doesn't make them bad guys at all. Everyone has made mistakes in their life. You guys were being a little to harsh on the radio. You had no right to bash these boys. There is bigger news out there that you guys could be talking about but you choose to talk about this? Pathetic.
03/06/2011 11:55PM
You really need to know people before you wipe what you surmise is their life all over the morning radio. These guys are no different than your own kids.They work, love their family and friends and we love them too. They have been accused, not convicted except in the kangaroo court you chose to hold Friday morning.I just hope that it will have no bearing on what their fate is.
03/07/2011 10:24AM
Get over it
I never said they were bad kids. They did something really stupid though. And what Beck and the other one do on the air is talk about stuff that's in the news. I do agree that at times the other one goes overboard on things said considering they nonothing about the people other than what is in the news
03/08/2011 5:10AM
Relax people. If these two didn't want their name all over the news, then they shouldn't have been doing what they were doing. I grew up in Pavilion too; I know these boys very well, having graduated with one of them and being very close to him. They ARE good guys. However, they did something very stupid and because its somewhat interesting (I'm sure the reason it was talked about was because it was two brothers arrested together and probably because of the fireworks), it is going to be talked about.
03/11/2011 11:24AM
everyone keeps saying what good boys these are and how they would help anyone and how respectful they are blah blah blah we didnt need a back round alert on them. They did what they did and the law is the law and people talking on the computer or radio isnt gonna have a effect on their court out come the facts are so........ if ur gonna talk about this lets not talk about their characters talk about the storey at hand their actions and the out come
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