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Pat Wants a New Tat... is This Lame? (pic)

It's the Rise Against logo, his favorite band. The question is how lame is it to get a band logo for a tat? I mean you have to look at that thing when your older... is that something you want to see on your body?

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05/19/2011 9:44AM
Pat Wants a New Tat... is This Lame? (pic)
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05/19/2011 3:55PM
Pat- You will have to live with it for the rest of our life. When you are 80, do you want to explain to your grandchildren what Rise Against was? Besides, wouldn't a FredFest two story funnel be a better memory?
05/19/2011 7:03PM
Just remember you have to live with it, FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. Looking at it upside down, I hate to tell u what that will look like in 50-60 years when its old, saggy and wrinkly. Just sayin.
05/19/2011 7:11PM
Good idea!
05/19/2011 9:52PM
Pat Wants a New Tat... is This Lame
hell ya go for it George the Heathen
05/19/2011 10:56PM
Hey Pat, How could you not get that tat.It is awesome and would fit your personality well.The best thing about it is that you never plan on getting old,you know what I mean all your old man voices.This would look stupid on say a 50 year old with that stupid voice,you know. Well we know that your wife would not allow that any way,she rules everything you do.By the way STEAK,CHICKEN,& PORK taste great!!!! PEACE OUT, TONY
05/20/2011 8:12AM
no, but
I think your right. When your 60 it might look like %*(#.
05/20/2011 8:52AM
pats tat
I can appreciate a good tat but that is LAME!
05/20/2011 9:41AM
Don't ever get a band Tat. You'll spend the rest of your life explaining it when nobody remembers who they are in 6 months
05/20/2011 9:45AM
Never Ever get a band Tat. Do you wanna spend the rest of your life explaining who Rise Against is when everyone forgets who they are in six months. And not for nothing but, I think you're the first person older than 15 I've ever heard of that like that garbage.
05/20/2011 9:57AM
Very Lame
You are young, your taste will change but the tat will last forever. I can see maybe the name of a child, but not a band. I'd think twice Pat!!
05/20/2011 4:11PM
pat's tat
frankly, if he wants a tat like that then he must be one of those people who always have a cause to conquer. He's the one who has to live with it, so who cares what he does to his body. Think of the stories he'll have to tell his kids (whenor if he has any) and then years later when he's too old to remember his kids will have to do the story telling...
05/20/2011 8:49PM
yeah I don't think that's something that will last & still b able to know what hell it is or was. I'm all 4 that's but u gotta do it with a lot of thought & don't get cocked & then go decide ur getting it done. Ualso need to pick a body part to put it on bc some don't get all wrinkled up as u get older so yeah that's r cool but it gotta be the right 1 in the right place on ur body,
05/20/2011 9:37PM
listener 1043
its fine- the dude has orange walls for god sakes
05/21/2011 7:13AM
ok pat you are a big boy so only u can make this happen, i hate tats but i will never stop people from getting them so get it if u and only u wan it, you will have it for life your life no one else so think about this just u
05/22/2011 2:40PM
Not Lame
not lame.. this cont stand for whatever Pat wants it to be!!Get some color in it though!!
05/22/2011 11:54PM
Pats Tat... NOpe
It looks sloppy. Like a child drew it. Perhaps if it was a better drawing I could understand... Like Grateful Dead Skull, Van Halens baby with wings... Ya know...
05/23/2011 7:54AM
VERY LAME! That tatt say's very loudly.....I'm a Wanker!!
05/23/2011 9:15AM
Don't do it
I love ink.........but that would suck as a tat. It would not "show" well...will look like a big splotch of dirt on your body.
05/24/2011 6:56PM
That is an amazing tatoo!!! I love Rise Against. but on the other hand it is said that you should wait about a year or two before you get that tat. and you have to look long term. no matter how B.A. a grandpa would be to me with a Rise Against tat, wouldyou like it being 70 years old, saggy and a tat?
05/26/2011 8:13AM
go for it!
pat, i have 3 bands as tats. my 1st one i got abt 20 yrs ago and dont regret any of them. this is a very cool logo and would make a great tat.
05/26/2011 9:24AM
Next time your out do some people watching. Sit and look at how many people have these things and how many don't. Anyone who doesn't have one is a minority!Ever girl boy man woman out there that has one no matter what the age makes darn sure you know they have it. Weather it is a man who is fat: He will not hesitate to take that shirt off to show all the money he wasted to look like a dysfunctional coloring book.
05/27/2011 8:30AM
OMG this should say it all , tell Pat to grow a pair and get a man's tatoo!!!
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