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POLL: Would you let your 13 year old kid fly by his/herself?

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08/02/2011 8:14AM
POLL: Would you let your 13 year old kid fly by his/herself?
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08/02/2011 8:46AM
There is no way I would let my 13 year old fly by themself especially if there is a layover..... Make Jason pay to get you there and bring her home
08/02/2011 8:50AM
Let her fly!
And give Jason the bill for the ticket!
08/02/2011 8:57AM
no i would not !
if you think about all the things that happen to kids now days ! something could happen to her right on the plane in the bathroom for all that matter ! there are so many nuts out there that you can't trust anyone anymore ! it's nothing like it use to be ! people do stupid stuff right in front of you with no remorse !
08/02/2011 9:00AM
Lois with Cloe
what about Lois flying back with her, from char
08/02/2011 9:01AM
14 year flying to San Diego
My daughter just flew to San Diego and is due back tommorrow. I went thru Delta and Paid 200.00 extra for a minor flying alone and she was escorted to each flight and never left alone. they did a great job. They will do the same tommorrow when she returns home.
08/02/2011 9:09AM
No I wouldn't. There are just too many crazies out there today, just waiting for a child. Make her stay there and let Jason take the hit on this one, it is his fault after all. Or be a hero and meet her, like one listener suggested, at a city like NYC. Not such a long drive for you and she gets to fly alone for a short time, but no layovers alone.
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