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POLL: Whould You Date Someone Who is Missing a Thumb

10/05/2011 7:13AM
POLL: Whould You Date Someone Who is Missing a Thumb
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10/05/2011 7:48AM
Sight in one eye
My 17 year old son lost sight in one eye (left!) and broke his nose and eye socket after a bicycle accident. To date, he has had 17 hours of surgery, with more to come. He looks great. I am not aware of any girl that is afraid to have him drive! If agirl were to pass judgement on him based on how he looks, their loss!
10/05/2011 11:38AM
10 out of 10
"super hot chick" doesnt even do her justice...she is a 10 and the missing thumb kinda ads a bit of excitement :)
10/05/2011 1:12PM
Go Melissa
Todays show was so out of place, i couldnt be more dissapointed in you guys. What kind of human being makes fun of someones disabilities? A very hotrible one. I wouldnt want my children to date any of you and you are not missing anything,,,, ho way, you are missing something YOUR HEARTS. I pity your kids if they are going to grow uo to be as shallow as you were today. Am sure you could have took this topic to a more humane way, how about teaching people that we are all human beings and everyone has the right to date whoever the heck the want disregarding how the look, hows that for a topic? Good day to you.
10/05/2011 5:01PM
Pro Melissa
I was very dissapointed in todays show, it was very descriminative, everyone has the right to date wether they are missing a thumb,an eye or whatever part of thei bodies. I wouldnt want my kids to date any of you guys and you are not missing any part of your bodies or maybe you are missing something your hearts. How about teaching people that theres nothing wrong with having a dissability, do you have any idea how many people you`ve hurt with your comments today. it is true that we can choose who date but dont make fun of the sad fact that some ignarant people wont date a person thats missing a thumb or an eye. I would have listened to that show with much more comfort. Looks dont last for ever.
10/06/2011 7:45PM
Kimberly Like you I had breast cancer. I understood you when you said youve earned the right to go braless if you like. Now when you ask if anyone would date someone without a thumb..What if you didnt have Mt. Morris. Arent we really different from our surgeries? I think if you polled men if they would go out with a woman with a mastectomy ...? Maybe a missing thumb isnt anything at all...love your show =)Terry Johnson
10/06/2011 7:55PM
What kind of question it that? Why would anyone ask such a silly question? Is this a joke or just someone being very ignorant?
10/07/2011 9:06AM
Dating no thumbs
what if they is eating and their mouth is full. how can they tell you if they are okay with out thumbs? up/down?
10/11/2011 7:52PM
Been there!!!
let's just say I went through school missing half of my middle finger (frak accident @ 18mths )and to make it even better - lost almost all of my hearing at 18months due to illness - I am happily married of 30yrs - 2 beautiful adult children - I turned out ok - overcame alot of obstacles - name calling - the worst - all through the 13years of school. It really does'nt matter what the outside looks like - it is what is on the inside and what you make of the situation. Have a great day.
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