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Kimberly and Beck

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POLL: Who looks better shirtless: Beck or Chris Lee?

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02/10/2011 6:14AM
POLL: Who looks better shirtless: Beck or Chris Lee?
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02/10/2011 6:23AM
Is that Beck's shirt sitting on top of the garbage?? Eewww
02/10/2011 7:20AM
Who looks better shirtless: Beck or Chris Lee?
Beck, come on dude ? Need to remove that Dunlop tire on ya . Scary pic Beck Hmmm.
02/10/2011 7:22AM
Beck you are adorable!! Way cute than Chris lee :)
02/10/2011 7:29AM
Look at me.....
Look at me, the multi-tasker... I will punch you in the face while ordering salmon dinner. Then I will put on the once cleaned shirt out of the garbage and walk out like nothing happened, all this while going commando.
02/10/2011 7:30AM
re:Who looks better shirtless: Beck or Chris Lee?
Now be nice. He cannot help that he is old.
02/10/2011 7:41AM
thank you, Beck. Now I don't have to worry about eating breakfast
02/10/2011 7:47AM
No offense beck, you have a really nice personality...but I got to go for Chris Lee.
02/10/2011 7:52AM
"bub" stands for but ugly beck had to delete a t but you get it
02/10/2011 8:00AM
Beck is better
At least Beck doesn't have a disgusting fake tan! Plus he's funny!
02/10/2011 8:01AM
Beck the muscle is supposed to be on top of your arm not hanging under it;P
02/10/2011 8:03AM
I'd rather be with Beck than the best looking, most wealthy Politician in the world!
02/10/2011 8:04AM
hard to decide
both so attractive!!
02/10/2011 8:13AM
Golden Girls?
These two should star in the Golden Guys TV show. Beck would be Sophia.
02/10/2011 8:56AM
Kimberly should be next
Beck gets the vote because he's doing it as a normal guy having fun. Kimberly should get in on this...
02/10/2011 9:20AM
I think Chris looks better in the chest area and arms.. But beck looks better in the face...
02/10/2011 9:21AM
We have no idea what Chris Lee looks like below his torso, so it's an unfair competition. I think Beck looks adorable, tho. You are a great sport, Beck! :)
02/10/2011 9:41AM
Kimberly's Mom Lois!
How did you get Kimberly's Mom to take her shirt off for a picture?
02/10/2011 9:55AM
Beck's Bod.....WTF!!!
Good Golly Miss Molly!!!!!
02/10/2011 10:00AM
Beck has the sexiest phone by far and that gets my vote!
02/10/2011 10:08AM
Never missed a meal Kimberly...
Who is Kimberly calling a sad, fat pig? have you ever walked in front of a mirror thunder thighs?
02/10/2011 10:17AM
Beck and not the Buck is sexier...
Chris has that deer in headlights look, Beck's expression is way sexier
02/10/2011 11:16AM
beck Vs Chris
Appare come un pollo spennato
02/10/2011 12:57PM
love handles...
Chris is much more fit than Beck (sorry). Unless of course he's posing for an AARP centerfold? Women are visual too. Knowing that Beck is probably commando under those jeans doesnt help.
02/10/2011 1:42PM
I want Kim shirtless
If I had a choice of host topless it would not be you Beckster....but Kimmy.....That would be great.
02/10/2011 4:35PM
Beck has...
... a body and face meant for the radio
02/10/2011 6:08PM
I have a belly like Becks & I don't go the gym plus I like my beer. Whats up with all the work out talk. Same age also
02/10/2011 6:48PM
02/10/2011 8:55PM
Chris Lee looks like a rapist!
Chris Lee has that rapist look on his face! Gross!!!
02/10/2011 9:41PM
Beck is the man!
Will we see Kimberly shirtless tomorrow? The listeners want to see it!
02/10/2011 9:47PM
gotta go w/ Beck...
just b/c he had the courage to allow his pic to be posted. Welcome Back K&B - we missed you.
02/10/2011 10:24PM
Beck shirtless
I only voted for Chris lee because he looks tanned. Otherwise it was as tough call. what do you think Beck, wanna start tanning?
02/10/2011 11:17PM
lee looks better
Good thing your on the radio and not tv.
02/11/2011 8:14AM
i vote for chris, but he is a dirtbag... and Beck does need to go to the gym to work out more, i wouldn't be too proud to show the world what i look like in that picture. Maybe it's all just a joke.. huh huh
02/11/2011 8:15AM
i vote for chris, but he is a d tbag... and Beck does need to go to the gym to work out more, i wouldn't be too proud to show the world what i look like in that picture. Maybe it's all just a joke.. huh huh
02/11/2011 8:37AM
Sorry Beck you need a tan man!!!!!
02/11/2011 8:55AM
white in Western NY!
Don't worry about the tan Beck it just proves your not fake!
02/11/2011 9:15AM
Go Beck
You Rock Beck !!!!!
02/11/2011 10:44AM
I think kimberly should take a picture without her shirt
02/11/2011 3:24PM
A little sun, a few more crunches and Beck will be on his way.
02/11/2011 5:08PM
Hey Beck, You are the real deal. No fake tan and Your smile is Sexy!! You Go Beck!! Don't let others bother you. At least you know You Are Honest! And I'm sure you would never do any thing that would hurt your beautiful Lady T Heart!!
02/12/2011 7:13PM
I hope this was a joke...
this is not even comparable... If this was meant as a joke i honestly applaude your personality beck. If this was mean to you as a serious debate, you honestly have a self image problem.
02/14/2011 8:57AM
neither of them
02/14/2011 4:30PM
Neither, Kim by miles though!
02/15/2011 4:58PM
kim by miles??
If your going by the homepage picture of her on this website im sorry to disappoint you. i saw her at one of her "broadcasts" recently and she has honestly tripled her size.
02/15/2011 6:41PM
No Question.....Beck is the man!
No Question.....Beck is the man!
02/17/2011 12:06PM
by far, much more sexy. and you people need to stop being so rude to kimberly and beck!!
05/09/2011 9:29AM
Better than if
Brother Wease stripped for the camera. Man he is pasty white with gross tattoos.
05/16/2011 3:12PM
Where is the pic of Pat shirtless? He has nice cans.
01/08/2012 11:17PM
I needed to see beck with his shirt off as much as i need kimberley to tell me how to have a sucessful marriage!!! Snide
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