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PICS: They Fixed Our Sad X-Mas Tree

Yestrerday we made the observation that we have a sad excuse for a company Christmas tree. It was really thin at the bottom and was the weakest looking thing we've seen in out lobby since coming to Rochester 10 years ago!

Apparently someone heard about our observation and decided to fix the tree by cuttingt opff the bottom thin portion. They even left us a gift this morning by putting the part they cut off in the buzz studio LOL. Pics are below...

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12/06/2011 5:30AM
PICS: They Fixed Our Sad X-Mas Tree
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12/06/2011 6:49AM
So what, they left you only the bottom of the tree???? Love it!
12/06/2011 6:57AM
where'd my house go ???
WTF... LMAO-ROTF !!!! That tree looks like they stole that poor thing from somebody's office park or from their aprtment complex... You know those trees they put to block the veiw .....or they always put them buy dumpsters... that's it !! It's A DUMPSTER TREE ...Kimberly and Beck find the person who assaulted that poor Racoon.. and stole it's home... Dan The Man
12/06/2011 7:01AM
fill me in..
Hey Kimberly and Beck, Paint the brick wall " green " behind the tree like that bald head spray stuff.... Dan The Man
12/06/2011 7:34AM
A Perfect Christmas Tree - Part Two
Well, I am glad to see that someone took my advice to remove the excess tree and release the perfect tree "inside". Of course, from the pictures above, I can't really tell if the remaining tree is perfect or not. Please add a photo of the tree after the bottom was removed. Thanks for listening to my advice. Bill H.
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