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PICS: Substitute Teacher Arrest for Rape

"40-year-old Glenn Manzek is charged with multiple counts of 3rd-degree rape as well as criminal sex act and endangering the welfare of a child." - whec.com

Full story, CLICK HERE.

Here are pictures of Mr. Manzek and his family, taken from his wife's facebook page on 9/6/12. Please note, Mrs. Manzek is NOT accused of any wrong doing. On a personal note their child is beautiful!

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09/06/2012 8:31AM
PICS: Substitute Teacher Arrest for Rape
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09/06/2012 10:12AM
Another teacher...REALLY??? Makes me scared to send my child to school.
What is going on? First a teacher at the Harley school arrested for sex-trafficking...and now this? Looking at those photos is so sad, because his family is beautiful....but, anytime a child is raped a lifetime of damage is done and another family is damaged! Either way, for both families this man, if convicted, has done so much damage...and this is IF only one child comes forward. Praying this isn't true.
09/06/2012 10:36AM
He looks like a creeper... His wife put on a few pounds during pregnancy and he wasn't attracted to that... so he looked elsewhere... The problem.... "The babysitter!" Send him to the dogs.
09/06/2012 11:58AM
It's not right to post pictures of his wife and family they have no part in this and it is WRONG!!!!!
09/06/2012 12:39PM
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