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PICS: Old Man Who, Allegedly, Got Beat Up

A caller told us this morning that his elderly uncle got his butt whooped over a property argument... of course there are 3 sides to this story, and the old man is not necessarily innocent at all, but here's the pics...

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01/17/2012 9:46AM
PICS: Old Man Who, Allegedly, Got Beat Up
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01/17/2012 4:34PM
Clarkson neighbor
I am very familiar Dean Stavalone. He nothing but trouble for all the people that have property that borders his. He has never had his property surveyed and doesn't really know where his property is. He feels that he can trespass and ride his 4 wheeler where ever he likes. The old man at the junk yard isn't the only one that has issues with this a--hole ....
01/18/2012 11:29AM
Bob the Baby Buck Killer with no hunting ethics
Yes, Dean has problems with a couple neighbors. One of them is this guy Bob who makes false claims to everyone he can, who uses Dean's property as a garbage dump. The fool shoots every deer he sees and carries a grudge because he can no longer hunt on the property Dean owns.
01/18/2012 11:33AM
Bob The Baby Buck Killer
There is a guy named Bob. He uses Dean's property as a dumping grounds and dumps garbage on it. He kills EVERY deer that walks by him and his band of friends. He carries a grudge because Dean will not let him hunt on his property due to his horrible ethics, not only as a hunter, but as a human being. He apparently has called himself "Clarkson neighbor" in this instance. Bob's son shot his first deer ON Dean's property after shooting time, so Bob is raising his son to be just like him. How Proud he must be.
01/18/2012 1:45PM
Bob is angry because he can no longer hunt for free on Dean's Property
Bob calls himself "Clarkson Neighbor" in this instance. He uses Dean's property as a dumping grounds and is angry because Dean won't let him hunt on his property due to his lack of ethics. He shoots every deer that passes and his son shot his FIRST deer on Dean's property after legal shooting time. Dean's 4 wheeler has NEVER been on any property but Deans (not to mention that in the 6 years Dean has owned the property he has only used the 4 wheeler perhaps 10 times ever), unlike Bob who uses his every time he hunts, which is just about ever day, driving the noisy thing through the woods.
01/18/2012 7:30PM
what happened to the granny law????
what is wrong with our country when a man in his 40s beats a 80 yr old man with a 2x4?? This to me a case where the young man should be charged with attempted murder. this same young man threatened a man of the same age at the spot with a shotgun awhile back. when it was brought to court the old man was asked if he was scared and answered no so the judge threw it out of court.does this mean that if someone makes me mad our laws say it is alright to attempt to kill them?? I think this stavalone must have friends in high places to bail him out of his illegal actions. when well our legal system pull its head out of the sand??? I hope its before this loose kills someone!!!!! is there no justice in the country anymore??? it seems as if the law turns its head and plays the good old boys game!!! attempted murder and assault should be the equal for everyone. the lawyers and judges should be asamed of themsleves
01/20/2012 9:38AM
Story totally backward.
Firstly, the 2x4 was a weapon USED on Stavalone. This old man and his friend attacked Stavalone unprovoked ON Stavalone's land (Prince was charged with harassment, but should have also been trespassing). The incident with the shotgun was a total fabrication on the part of Prince and his friend (at the time of the incident there was an order of protection against Prince who should have been immediately arrested for violation of the order). The injustice was that Stavalone was questioned at all about the incident. Prince and his friend should have been arrested, and when these details were revealed in court the cop, the judge and the DA were in strong agreement that it was unjust for any charges to Stavalone. The only person who should be feared is Prince who has promised to murder a number of people and been arrested for it many times, and assaulted police officers and others, and walked into public offices professing that he was going to commit mass murder. He has been arrested numerous times for the threats and taken into custody for mental health evaluations. The only injustice is that he isn't in jail full-time. What is wrong with our country when an old man who has promised to kill someone, attacks him on his own property and then gangs up on him with a friend and a 2x4, and the more serious charge is on the victim (Stavalone) of the attack just because the attacker (Prince) was injured in his attempt?
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