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PICS: Holley Man Dies in Golf Cart Crash

"Deputies say Cortney Greene, 18 of Byron, was operating a slow-moving golf car without lights on Route 237 when a car crested the hill and struck the rear of the golf cart. Greene and her passenger, 18-year-old Zachary Rusin of Holley, were ejected and thrown into the road. The golf cart then crossed both lanes of traffic and hit a parked vehicle." -whec.com  Story, CLICK THIS.

Rusin died as a result of his injuries. Both were drunk. Very sad. Pictures of the two, who were dating, below.

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11/28/2011 7:57AM
PICS: Holley Man Dies in Golf Cart Crash
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11/28/2011 11:40AM
Sad how one moment, can change so many lives!
11/28/2011 12:04PM
Zachary James Rusin has been a friend of mine for 14 long years. He was an amazing boy, and did not deserve this.
11/28/2011 1:25PM
Could you guys please have a litte respect for the friends and family and his girlfriend that are grieving right now. This "Holley man" you guys refer to him as, his name was Zack, and he was a son, cousin, nephew, friend, boyfriend and many other things to a lot of people. You knew and know nothing about him, his girlfriend, or family so you had no right to say anything. I know that this is what you guys do on this show is bring up a topic and rip it apart but when it comes to a matter of life and death, its not a joke. You should be ashamed of yourselves. If this was your child, significant other, brother, cousin, nephew..ect. .. you wouldn't want someone sitting there while you were trying with everything you had to get through the day and tearing the tragic accident that happened and blaming people they know absolutely nothing about. Think about that next time, because karma will come and I am sure that if you lost someone you were close to you would not want people to make you feel even worse. Also so you know, your our "local" radio station but if you had any idea of the damage you've just done to your ratings by the disrespect you showed this morning you would have thought twice. There are a whole lot of people that are extremely angry about this. Only god can judge and last time I checked, he wasn't on a radio station.
11/28/2011 2:37PM
Get your facts straight
No where in that story does it say either one of them was drunk. You shouldn't be stating things that aren't facts
11/28/2011 3:24PM
I'm going to miss him :( RIP Zack
11/28/2011 3:52PM
so messed up
No one says nothing about the driver of the car thou. Many of us are so upset by the things you said about out friend! Wtf
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