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PICS: Check Out the AIRPLANE That Got Stuck In a Bridge!

Everyday Sean sent these pictures in. He was delivering papers in Wheatland when he saw this: a plane wedged into a bridge!

It was dark out, but here's the plane...

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12/01/2010 6:31AM
PICS: Check Out the AIRPLANE That Got Stuck In a Bridge!
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12/01/2010 6:37AM
wow thats crazy how the hell does that happen?
12/01/2010 6:45AM
How stupid do you have to be???
12/01/2010 6:54AM
And thats what happens when you let douche bags out of their cages.
12/01/2010 7:52AM
This is the plane that crash landed a week or 10 days ago on Scottsville rd I believe. They must have been trying to transport it back to the airport. It had been sitting at the farm where it crashed
12/01/2010 1:37PM
there were other ways to transport the downed aircraft
We have a National Guard helicopter heavy lift unit located at the Rochester Airport. Why couldn't they have performed a "aircraft retreival" mission, lifting the airplane out of the field it emergancy landed in, and flown it to a repair facility? They(the military) do it all the time for their downed birds!
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