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PIC: Victor Trash Talks East Ridge

An East Ridge parent sent us this claiming that someone from Victor sent the Lancer's football team this letter... 

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10/04/2012 9:28AM
PIC: Victor Trash Talks East Ridge
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10/04/2012 10:05AM
Victor eastridge
come on. this is obviously a non Eastridge and a non Victor related individual just trying to rock the boat.
10/04/2012 11:06AM
10/04/2012 11:32AM
Spell check isn't always going to give you the right word...
10/04/2012 11:36AM
I hope your child is getting a better education than yourself
I don't know who wrote this letter or "Top Ten" if that's what they want to call it, but they obviously did NOT graduate! I saw this posted on Facebook and must say people need to be properly educated before trash talking. You do NOT beat someone on "there field" you beat them on "their field" and just one more thing, I don't believe the player mentioned in #5 is "SCARRED OF CONTACT", he may be SCARED but not SCARRED. I hope this Victor team's school is giving them a better education than their parent.
10/04/2012 3:34PM
10/04/2012 4:17PM
Only a bunch of losers would have to talk like that to make them feel better about themselves. Every team deserves some respect and to say stuff like that @#$ just shows the maturity of the coach!!!
10/04/2012 4:26PM
This is crazy! What is wrong with today's youth - this is just asking for their to be fights and anger that doesn't need to be on the football field and/or after the game! I am a Eastridge Alumni and E. Irondequoit resident and I am so completely disgusted by this! I will be at this game tomorrow night and in no way will there be more Victor fans than Eastridge Fans!
10/04/2012 6:58PM
Stay in school
It is very apparent that the person that wrote this needs to stay in school, or go back to school, and learn proper English. If you are going to try and trash talk someone in a letter you should at least know how to spell and know the proper spelling of a word to use if there is more than one spelling. There are so many grammer and spelling errors in this letter you should be embarrassed!
10/04/2012 7:34PM
Real Classy Victor!
I'm glad the Victor team has class and sportsmanship. i hope their coach is proud for teaching them such good behavior. It's sad that they are so insecure that they have to send trash talk to psych out Eastridge.
10/06/2012 11:10AM
LMAO! I could not be more thrilled that Eastridge kicked some Victor a**! Victor is by far the dirtiest district out there. Always have been and always will be. So glad they were taken off their high horse!
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