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PIC: Our Sad Company Christmas Tree

Ya know the top looks full but the bottom is pretty skimpy. We guess it's a recession tree LOL.

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12/05/2011 6:57AM
PIC: Our Sad Company Christmas Tree
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12/05/2011 7:34AM
That is a very sad looking tree!
12/05/2011 8:43AM
That's pretty bad... tell management to man up and get a better tree
12/05/2011 8:49AM
A Perfect Christmas Tree
Much like a statue is already inside the stone and just needs the excess stone removed to see it, this tree is perfect! Just remove the excess 60% from the bottom.
12/05/2011 10:05AM
Someone ought to call Pete's tree farm on Paul Road, Chili. He may feel pity and send you a new one.
12/05/2011 10:05AM
A trees sacrifice
It's not the tree, it's in how you "look" at it. In the sprit of CHRISTMAS, decorate it with love, Hope, Health and good cheer for all! There is nothing more beautiful than that. For all the ugliness in the world gets set asidewhen we look at a tree and it reminds us of the season. Enjoy it! This tree made the sacrifice, as did someone else I know.
12/05/2011 10:35AM
it does look a little top heavy......... if you take off a few of the bottom branches it'll make it look a little fuller, optical illusion style :)
12/05/2011 10:40AM
sad tree
lucky you, let me send you our tree, at my office :(
12/05/2011 11:40AM
WOW that tree have more holes in than swiss cheese.
12/05/2011 1:01PM
Maybe it will look better once it is decorated?????????
12/05/2011 2:44PM
thank god for the discount bin at Home Depot
oh God please tell me that this tree was 50% off......
12/05/2011 3:33PM
WOW you weren't kidding.
That is freakin horrible.. WTF
12/05/2011 5:37PM
Debbie B.
And I thought my tree was possibly the worst I have ever had but this one takes the grand prize.
12/05/2011 6:39PM
Charlie Brown's looked better
You guys weren't kidding. That tree is freakin' pathetic!!!
12/05/2011 6:58PM
I agree with the above comment...
Just lop off the bottom and keep the top part. Then it will be perfect! :) (just a little shorter is all....lol)
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