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PIC: Mom Makes Son Wear Sandwich Board Detailing Crimes

Inappropriate or awesome idea?

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01/18/2012 8:44AM
PIC: Mom Makes Son Wear Sandwich Board Detailing Crimes
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01/18/2012 9:16AM
you go girl
great idea good job mom
01/18/2012 9:35AM
Mom Makes Son Wear Sandwich Board Detailing Crimes
Way to go mom. Here is a mother that cares about her child. If the law doesnt help her straighten him up she will have to do it herself. I wonder what her next plan of discipline is. Thumbs up to her.
01/18/2012 9:41AM
child abuse or no
I think more parents should do this. Maybe the younger generation will take time to think before they do something stupid. Then again if the government let parents be parents instead of being afraid to discipline there kids society wouldn't be so bad
01/18/2012 10:40AM
Thats a great IDEA
01/18/2012 3:52PM
Mom makes son wear sandwich board
Way to go. Life is no harder today than it was when I was a kid. Although it seems like there are more excuses for actions children are taking. Make them accountable just as the parent that doesn't do anything to reinforce good behavior should be heald accountable. This mother is letting her son know she cares about him and wants a healthy life for him. When myu sone was 3 yrs old we went to a hardware store for some nuts and bolts. long story short he put some in his pocket. on the way home he proudly showed his father. I made my husband turn the car around and telling my son the whole way that that is stealing and the police could take him to jail and away from us. explainign that wanting to get them for daddy was good but they didn't belong to us and we had to pay the ppl they did belong to. Upon arriving at the store I went in talked to the manager then brought my son in making him appoligize and return the items. Thanks to that manager this is a lesson my son remembers to this day and thanks me for the lesson. Althoght it seemed hard and yes I felt bad for putting that fear in him it also taught him to respect others. We need more parents in this word who stop worring about what to buy there kids next and start worring about what to teach them respect, honor, morals, values and selfworth. Signed teaching my kids that choices have consequences.
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