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PIC: Geneseo Guys Busted for DWI

Don't get us wrong... we love our beer. Hugging the box though might be a little much LOL.

Full story, CLICK THIS.

12/13/2011 7:24AM
PIC: Geneseo Guys Busted for DWI
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12/13/2011 8:48AM
geneseo guys busted
I am so glad that you people are so perfect and without any mistakes in yours live that u can blast my grandson Anthony Lockwood. Anthony wasn't even driving he was sitting in the car no keys in the ignition car not running. Maybe you should focus your attention on The In Between where they serve John Cady was served alcohol and he is only ninteen, and just for the record ALL the bars in Geneseo have been guilty of serving underage people. After all your comments this morning Anthony's fifteen years old sister had to go to school crying her eyes out, but obviously you don't care who you hurt or upset as long as you get news stories.It's bad he made a mistake you just want to continue to humilitate him.....So glad you are all so perfect.
12/13/2011 8:55AM
hello i am the aunt of one of these young men, as a mother myself i would have to say that thier decision to get behind the wheel after a night out was not the smartest, and that decision has now cost them both... as some of the lessons we have to learnin life this is one of that most likley be the leson well learned because no one was injured thank god.we all make mistakes young and old ...
12/13/2011 5:27PM
they made a mistake now your putting it on your web page both of these guys are my friends i see no reason why it should be on your web site. have some respect for people that make mistakes.
12/13/2011 7:48PM
geneseo losers
i know both of these kids and there nothing but losers. the kid hugging the box goes by the name of turbo and is nothing but a low life drunk. the kid got fried from his job at university hots for punching his boss in the face. he got brought home by the cops 2 weeks ago because he punched his girlfriend in the face. when he was 19 he bought a Mitsubishi evo and ran from the cops. he gets in fights and causes trouble all over geneseo. hes nothing but a low life scumbag. i hope he goes to jail and meets bubba.
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