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PIC: Dude Got His A$$ WHOOPED!!!!

Picked a fight with cops... BAD idea.

Details: CLICK HERE.

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03/14/2011 8:06AM
PIC: Dude Got His A$$ WHOOPED!!!!
Comment here...
03/14/2011 10:00AM
Problems, problems, problems
As usual, problems with a posting. I've tried numerous times to click on the link, but it's unclickable. It would be nice if you guys could get this right for once.
03/14/2011 12:56PM
re: problems, Problems, Problems
Lay off @$$ hole I would like to see you do the things they have to do every morning.
03/14/2011 3:37PM
Not usuually....
It's not usually a problem. I have never had a bad link on this site. Just seems like a piece of HTML code is missing. Try to keep in mind that these guys work their tails off and that this is not a requirement but a courtesy to you, the listener, that they provide.
03/15/2011 7:47AM
First of all, just because I express and opinion, doesn't mean I'm an @$$hole. I think you're an @$$hole for calling me one! And if this was the first time, I might not have said something, but this happens all the time - 2 posts and neither of them work, links not working, etc. And, yes this is a courtesy to the listener, but if they aren't able to do it correctly, it's not much of a courtesy is it? I love the show, but they need to get their posts done correctly or not at all! Again, just my opinion.
03/15/2011 10:44AM
This isn't a "service" lol. They make money off this site by the ads. Plus, it isn't that hard to fix a silly link. Something may have happened to the news story.
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