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Kimberly and Beck

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Our Resume for Director of the Rochester International Airport

Here's our resume! We think we'd do a great job based on our qualifications... what do you think?

NOTE: if it looks weird it's because Pat had to paste a word document on here... it won't look like this when we send it!

70 Commercial Street, Rochester, NY 14617 585-222-2899 kimray@rochesterbuzz.com

Kimberly Ray and Barry Beck


To become Director of the Rochester International Airport

Professional Highlights

Morning Show Hosts, WBZA-FM, 98.9 the Buzz

§ Create compelling, local, and entertaining show for listeners.

§ #1 rated morning show for 10 years.

§ Working with clients to improve their business.

§ August 5th is Kimberly and Beck day, as recognized by the City of Rochester.


§ We like Airplanes.

§ Have flown in an airplane

§ Excellent at telling people what to do.

§ Awesome at drinking.

§ Strip Club Connoisseurs

§ Fluent in Redneck and Canadian.

§  We give pat downs like a boss.

§ Members of the Mile High Club.

§ Have Puked on an airplane

§ We know how to deal with snakes on a plane.

§ We come to work with our shoes off and laptop    out of its carrier.

§ We help people solve their predicaments.

§ Unlike airplanes, we are always on time.


Employment History

Morning Show Hosts

98.9 the Buzz, Rochester, NY

July 2001 – Present.











BS in Opinions

The School of Life



The Rahn Family

The Gary Pignato Family

Paul Monochino

Chastity Lotta

Susanne Corona

The Nick Joseph Family


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01/05/2012 6:51AM
Our Resume for Director of the Rochester International Airport
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01/05/2012 7:50AM
Thoughts on resume
I have to say that just made my morning. That's pretty epic. The highlight of the resume for me was the skills section for sure. If you can deal with snakes on a plane you're beyond qualified. haha
01/05/2012 8:33AM
also add
you forgot to add that you officially entered and failed AA meetings on several occasions. Also can drink anyone under the table and not feel drunk when your done.
01/05/2012 8:51AM
This is great
01/05/2012 5:01PM
u forgot
you forgot ex Sgt. Paul Monachino. the dwi cop from er
01/05/2012 5:07PM
OMG, this is so funny! Thanks for the hearty laughs to end my day on a positive note! You guys are awesome!!
01/05/2012 5:12PM
omg, couldnt wait to get home and show my husband, we are both still laughing. You are great
01/05/2012 5:51PM
another addition needed
don't forget that you have experience in drinking and driving, so if it happens again, you WON'T get caught.
01/05/2012 8:59PM
Professional awesomeness
This is fantastic! Let's not forget "No pictures tooken, but will be tooken upon request". Love this!
01/09/2012 8:32AM
Of course I'm serious
Don't forget to mention that you prefer not to be called "Shirley"
01/09/2012 1:17PM
"We help people solve their predicaments."
LMAO! Also funny: References section. But you should have put John Parrinello in that section. Then when asked about it, he could've said "That - is - POPPYCOCK!"
01/10/2012 6:00PM
kimberly is a moron
01/11/2012 3:08PM
Best thing ever
Love this its great!
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