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Our New Dining Room Table

Since we are moving in to our first home, we needed a dining room table. So, we bought this one... but with out the chairs.

See the chairs are leather, and my wife is a vegan (no animal anything), so we will have to figure that part out.

Kimberly thinks we're stupid for spending so much and not getting chairs... but to be hoenst, I don't care. The table will be something I pass down to my kids, and their kids, etc. (at least I hope LOL).

Plus, as one of our listeners said and I couldn't agree more: "the dining room table is where soem of your greatest memories are created."

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02/14/2011 8:04AM
Our New Dining Room Table
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02/14/2011 4:04PM
The chairs look uncomfortable anyway...
The table can be matched to chairs that are comfortable and fit your style. For me, the chairs pictured would not do the job. Besides, with little kids coming along (someday), you really don't want leather chairs. I will say that the table lookslike it doesn't expand...and that's something you may end up not liking. Extra elbow room with a crowded house is always a good thing.
02/15/2011 2:30PM
When you purchased you couldn't substitute the chairs for another?
I would think in order to get the sale, you could substitute the chairs for another chair that matched that you liked. I think Kimberly is right, that is way to much money for no chairs. The price of your table is 1/2 of what my set cost and I have a huge self storing (2 leaf) rectangle, hutch & china, buffet server and 8 chairs (2 are captin). This is not a chintzy set either.
02/16/2011 11:59AM
nice table
very nice Pat-you deserve this. You work six days a week.I like Kim, but she is very materialistic and i could give two craps abpout diamonds!
02/16/2011 1:13PM
Who cares how much it cost?
If you and Jessie (especially her :))are happy with the table then who cares what anybody else thinks. We bought a table and later a couple other pieces from that store and are very happy with the products and service. The people know their stuff and stand behind their products. Also, some of us would rather spend more when we can if it means supporting a greener and USA made company. My suggestions on the chairs would be looking for something with the same look in pleather at Target or the like. Inexpensive tall wicker chairs from Pier1 could work well. You may want to consider having a piece of glass cut for the top. There are some local places that will do it and deliver. That way you guys don't have to worry about people's drinks and later crayons & markers. Besides, it might discourage Kimberly from gnawing on the table too. ;). Best of luck. -Tara
02/16/2011 4:00PM
It's a beautiful table,finding chairs to match won't be that hard. Great pick!
02/21/2011 10:53AM
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02/21/2011 10:53AM
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02/21/2011 10:53AM
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02/21/2011 10:54AM
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02/22/2011 2:36PM
The table is lovely All that matters is that you & Jessie love it .No one has a right to tell you what you should do with your own money.Tell Mr. & Mrs. Opinionated to Mind their own business Love you Pat !
05/02/2011 10:03PM
Wow !
I'm very impressed. Your home looks fantastic!! I'm an old guy who likes nice things (or maybe I should say, my lovely wife does). Anyway, you and the Mrs. should be very happy in this gorgeous well decorated home. Also, as you already said, your Mom would be extremely proud of you. Job well done, A Simple Old Man PS Love the show, too
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