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My Sister's Freezer

Before I continue... my sister is amazing and I love her! :-)

Have you ever watched "Hoarders?" I feel like my sister could be on the show because of her freezer... or should I say freezers! 4 of them to be exact all filled to max with food.

She's always had more food than anyone should have. I don't know why. I mean if the world ended you wouldn't be able to keep all of this because it would ultimately melt when the power went off.

To be clear though, her actual home it immaculate. It's not like what you usually see in the show where you can't walk in the house. You could literally eat off her floor and I'm not exaggerating.

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02/07/2011 9:14AM
My Sister's Freezer
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02/14/2011 8:24AM
Okay, I am all for stocking up on food, but 4 freezers?! That's a lot of money in there. Does she think they are going to starve? Also, what a waste of food if the power ever goes out.
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