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My New Table, In My House...

It cost roughly $3000, with out chairs.

The table top weighs 430 pounds alone.

2 guys with special harnesses got in into my house, and a huge thank you to the gentlemen from Arhuas Furniture!

Looks great huh? :-) I am very pleased!!!

03/28/2011 9:01AM
My New Table, In My House...
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03/28/2011 9:31AM
Nice, but I hope your painting those walls! Holy brightness!!
03/28/2011 10:26AM
03/28/2011 10:29AM
BIG! lol
It looks like it belongs in a conference room, especially with those padded chairs, not a dinningroom! lol
03/28/2011 10:52AM
Pat it is a beautiful table! One thing...purchase two more chairs!!!
03/28/2011 1:41PM
Love it!
Where did you finally get the chairs that didn't come with the table? I've enjoyed the whole saga of the dining room table since I get to listen to you guys for a long time every morning on my way to work. I have a 90-minute drive and I can get your show for all except the last 15 minutes!
03/28/2011 3:10PM
the whole room looks great love the color that is in the dinning room also Great job Pat ur wife must be proud
03/28/2011 5:06PM
not in my house!
Hmmmm? Not my taste, but whatever floats your boat. I agree with the conference room table post.... and those walls. WTF?
03/28/2011 5:53PM
Sooo Pat, is this what happens after you smoke salvia??? When I saw the color I was like holy S@*t!!! Congrats on the house and the hot neighbour..
03/28/2011 6:37PM
Love the table & chairs....would not have put it in this style house, but whatever, its your house.....the wall color is awful though Pat, the color of jaundice is not a color you want to be eating too...drop it about 5 shades down and you've got it. And that heinous light fixture has to go.....but your probably working on that...that will be the next $3000 purchase.
03/28/2011 8:56PM
Did you add another support pole for your floor in the basement? (you can buy @ home depot or lowes) If the table is over 400lbs and then you put guests in there (figure guys @ 200lbs a pc. plus women). I would think about it, it happened to us all of asudden the floor started sagging. I like the table though and love the parson chairs.
03/29/2011 4:59AM
We entertain a lot so I understand wanting a nice table. It is sooo worth it when the family is all together. Imagine how wonderful it would look without ORANGE walls....just sayin.... LOL
03/29/2011 9:23AM
bad vegan
the chairs must be pleather, but, most vegans won't promote the use of fake leather because it continues the fad of leather being in style. Shame on your wife.
03/29/2011 9:29AM
too big for you
This table would look better in a modern home with an open floor plan. It looks a little out of place in a small dinning area like yours. Beautiful table though.
03/29/2011 9:51AM
horrible color again
Pat: The table is very nice, but you obviously haven't learned anything from the green walls, get rid of the awful yellow. You're not in elementary school and need to use primary colors.
03/29/2011 10:37AM
The table is great, just not the price. My table is 7 ft. long and solid dark wood also and came with no chairs. I bought 8 chairs with faux leather seats. Got EVERYTHING on sale, final cost for all $1500. I like your wall color! I'm sure the picture doesn't do it justice cuz of the glare. If you two are happy with everything that's all that matters!
03/30/2011 3:25PM
Looks Great!
Hi Pat!This is Diana from Arhaus Furniture and I just wanted to tell you how great that table looks in your room. We heard you mentioned getting it on the radio this morning and we really appreciate the positive feedback!
05/01/2011 1:59AM
Bossin' the beast
Forget it you haters and trolls. That wall color is the beast. chairs look great and table is good and sturdy enough to bend the wife over. so, I say good choice pat. It is simply boss.
05/06/2011 11:42AM
When will Pat come out of the closet?
05/12/2011 12:39PM
New Home
Your home looks like it has a lot of character and charm. But I think your paint color choices (especially the living room is too dark. Dining room color is ok! Enjoy your new home!
09/15/2011 9:32PM
Just think....
Just think Pat; that $3000 table will be worth about $30 after you have kids.
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