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My Daughter Gets Behind the Wheel...

for the first time. She scared the crap out of me! Watch the video below...

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04/13/2010 2:46AM
My Daughter Gets Behind the Wheel...
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04/13/2010 3:12PM
hey beck. i'd say alot more practice. not just a little. she'll learn practice makes perfect. good luck teaching her, love the show btw
04/14/2010 5:43AM
Hey Beck. That takes me back to when I was first learning to drive about 14 years ago! I was driving on Rt 251 and tried to turn onto a side road without breaking. I almost flipped the SUV. Needless to say my mom flipped out and made me get out of the car. My dad taught me how to drive after that.
04/19/2010 5:33AM
Yupp,that reminds me of my first time driving.
04/24/2010 6:27AM
OMG!!! I watched this four times now and I am still crying. Your comments are priceless. Too funny...
05/05/2010 6:41AM
Tony Kenyon
She only needs to Relax and Remember that a 2 ton Machine is what she is in control of your comments and making her laugh are good but the machine has no brain she just has to realize she is smarter than the car she will be a great driver
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