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Kimberly and Beck

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Mother of Teen Killed By Police Car Wants Justice

Momma wants justice but the fact is the kid wasn't paying attention when a cop car, who was responding to an officer in distress with his lights and sirens running, accidently hit him. We feel terible for the family, but accidents happen...

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10/20/2010 6:27AM
Mother of Teen Killed By Police Car Wants Justice
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10/20/2010 7:20AM
The mother is crying those crocodile tears but all I hear is unbelievable rage and anger, not remorse or even sorrow. No wonder that family has so much fighting amongst themselves. I agree with Kimberly and add were does the violence end when you have a mother how grieving(?) only asking for JUSTICE.
10/20/2010 7:33AM
Let the family grieve..
What is going on here? Listen to yoursselves? Pulling the families personal lives into this? The bottom line is a child is dead, give the family a chance to grieve. Regardless what the situation at home is, they as human beings deserve that. KIMBERLY, I live in West Irondequoit, every single 10-15 year old who rides there bike up and down my street is without a helmet! Get off that freakin trip, it's not just innner city kids.. YES, the child was at fault, the officer should not be blammed, but please let them grieve. Respect, you should not judge by race, color, or where anyone lives. Stop feeding into the stereo typical behavior that has this city against each other...
10/20/2010 7:57AM
Davy V.
As a Filmmaker and Video Producer who has been exposing the Corrupt and Racist Rochester Police Department in films such as... RPD EXPOSED! and R.P.D.: Badges of DISHONOR, CORRUPTION and MURDER!... People are missing the big picture here, and that is that the RPD has a long history of having a blatant disrespect for inner city minorities: blacks and latinos. The fact that Chief Moore, a black man did not even have the respect to come to a vigil for Trayvon, and the fact that NO ONE from the RPD has apologized to this family is disgusting. And for Kimberly and Beck to sink to the level they did this morning using degrading and sick comments such as "Welfare" and talking about this child's family is disgusting, and once again shows the same lack of respect and insensivity that "White America" and "White Rochester" has for minorities in this city, the same insensivity that the RPD displays, and these are the reasons why inner city residents DO NOT trust the RPD and why situation like Diponzio's happened because the youth know how the RPD gets down!
10/20/2010 8:07AM
10/20/2010 8:21AM
Nothing unusual
Drive through the city of Rochester, day or night, & you'll see that someone "darting out," or walking arrogantly in traffic is the norm. So called adults have their kids walking out into traffic with them all the time. We have sidewalks but many don't see fit to use them. I work in emergency services(no--not RPD) & encounter folks walking, skate boarding, or riding bikes in front of us(lights & sirens) all, & I mean ALL the time. Hurry up & wait for them. Unfortunately, this time lack of common sense, or arrogance, or stupidity got this kid killed. It's a tragedy, & I feel bad for his family, but maybe the true justice to be brought here, would be punishing those that taught him that it's OK to not care, or to not have the common sense to look before riding out between cars, in front of emergence vehicles WITH LIGHTS & SIRENS sounding, or any other vehicle. Just like the skate boarder in Irondequoit skating down the middle of the road in the dark with dark clothes last week. If you take stupid chances, eventually it will bite you & the only one to blame is yourself. Things like this should start to tell people they need to be parents again, but this country has become so liberal & "stupidfied" that litigation is better than teaching common sense & right from wrong. Everything that happens is NOT someone Else's fault! Yes, let the family grieve, but I wonder how important grieving is, when it come second to getting a lawyer to sue...cha-ching.
10/20/2010 9:47AM
If the police cars did not have their sirens on then why were all the cars pulled off to the side of the road to allow the police cars to get through? What justice is needed? It was an unfortunate accident.
10/21/2010 8:18AM
All too typical
It's tragic that this young man died and I feel for the family but I also feel for the young officer that hit him. His life will never be the same. What's even more sad is that this young man was without his mother who was living in Florida with a boyfriend and without his father who was not involved in his life. This all too common in urban culture. Now the child is dead and the mother wants justice?? She wants money. Period. Where was she and where was the father?? Why was this child being raised by his uncle?
10/21/2010 10:56AM
Kids rarely pay attention
As the mother of a almost 13 year old boy i have witmnessed him nearly hit more than once. this however does not come from anything other than kids just not geting it! i have talked with him until iam blue in the face and it goes right over his head. As frustrating as it is and it would kill me if anything ever happend to him, it would surley be an accident. No money would help the pain.Ruining the career of a officer who by the way was doing his job is insane.i feel for the family, but i really feel sick each time i hear the mother wailing for a child she couldnt or wouldnt care for. Once again sombody elses responsibility!
10/21/2010 3:54PM
mother grieving , but has a lawyer
unbelievable, no wait I can believe it. another ghetto mom ,that all of a sudden is the best mother in the world . but she got a lawyer before her kid was even buried or cold. All she regrets is not having the state welfare income for him. And now even the baby daddy is in the picture because he smells the cash too. gees own up to being lousey parents.
10/21/2010 8:31PM
bad mom
Although I feel bad that a child is dead. This story is all too typical. We see the results of children raised by ingnorant people on the welfare system. Her baby already had a criminal record at age 14. He had threatened to return to the rec center he attended with a gun after a fight.
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