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Missed Connection at Singles Mingle

So this guy was checking up on his mom at Singles Mingle and happened to come accross a lady he was interested in. Before he could get her number though, he had to split. So he posted on Craigslist hoping the woman he was interested in would contact him.

Here's the Craigslist post, CLICK HERE.

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11/22/2010 6:36AM
Missed Connection at Singles Mingle
Comment here...
11/22/2010 7:14AM
Happy Days
His mom looks like Mrs. Cunningham from Happy Days! :) Good Luck Dave! Hope you find her....
11/22/2010 7:56AM
She's heard that before
Many times, especially a few years ago.Thanks for your best wishes, I do have a small lead now. I almost feel like a detective!LOL!
11/22/2010 8:30AM
Hi Again
Hi Dave My name is Peggy & I'm very interested in meeting you (again). I'm a 45 year old single sexy lady with no kids. I have a good job at Discover MasterCard in customer service. I remember you as a slim muscular man with great dancing skills & a very outgoing personality. You dance so naughty almost like a.... like a stripper. If you'd like to meet again I know this nice discreet tavern on Ridgeway Ave in the city called Casey's (located by the tracks just east of Mt Read), meet me there on Tuesday 11/30 @ 9 PM. XXXOOO Peggy
11/22/2010 9:00AM
Well Peggy...
Almost too much disclosed to raise an eyebrow.The Craigslist ad can be answered. Thanks.
11/22/2010 4:44PM
Be forewarned.
I would watch out for this character..all I am going to say. Be careful.
11/22/2010 5:33PM
No actually one more thing..
For your own good, stay away.
11/23/2010 7:01AM
Sounds like sour grapes.
That's all I am going to say.
11/23/2010 7:12AM
He is a good friend.
I have known him for 15 years. He is kind and considerate, and has always been there for me.
11/23/2010 8:22AM
He's one of my husband's friends
I've known him through my husband for several years. He is a great guy and deserves to find someone nice in his life.
11/23/2010 11:44AM
Too bad I'm married :(
11/23/2010 1:08PM
Hi Dave
Dave Meet me at the Y M C A today at 3:15 & bring my pink shirt from V.S. back. Love you man XXXXOOOO Peggy
11/24/2010 8:58AM
So, you like brunettes?
If you would like to meet a single, gorgeous, witty, sexy woman who heard about you this a.m on K & B, write lori77gata@yahoo.com.
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