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Mike Danger

Mike Danger

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Caption This! 11/3/11

Wrapping up a week that featured a couple of celebrity divorces (Kim, Zooey call me!) and unprotected, pre-marital Bieber sex, the last thing you need is to wrap your head around more nonsense that the world craps at you.  Too bad.  It's a crazy world.  Somebody oughta sell tickets.  Explain the picture below as best you can, in caption form.  I await your reaction in our friendly, broken captcha protected, comments...

'Ordinarily that's not where you spray deodorant, but Kim's problem had to be addressed.'

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11/03/2011 9:21AM
Caption This! 11/3/11
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11/03/2011 9:29AM
Kill the fog machine..
... lets not make that thing any spookier than it already is.
11/03/2011 9:32AM
Saving the world one spray a day...
Just another day for Lindsay Lohan's Assistant (DN)
11/03/2011 9:33AM
Even this...
didn't help the sand in Danger's vagina.
11/03/2011 9:34AM
All gone...
Friend helping friend with Bieber spermicide application.
11/03/2011 9:34AM
Japanese abortion
Japanese legislators are looking to reform abortion laws after methods have gotten shadier and shadier the past several years.
11/03/2011 9:36AM
Easy on the beef curtains!
11/03/2011 9:38AM
Yup, I went there.
Perhaps due to her traditional upbringing, Jin had no idea she need not glue her crack back together.
11/03/2011 9:40AM
The eau de Lyell Ave cologne just hasn't sold well so far in 2011.
11/03/2011 9:56AM
this is how I also get the cheeto dust out of my keyboard...
11/03/2011 10:33AM
Its a new feminine hygiene spray. But whose doing it. The cut off jeans look like hairy man legs, but the arms look a woman's:)
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