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Kimberly and Beck

M-F 5:00 - 10:00a

Maybe an Extra Hour on the Air??

What do you guys think... Would it be too much of a good thing to be on air for an extra hour???

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01/31/2013 7:00AM
Maybe an Extra Hour on the Air??
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01/31/2013 8:52AM
That would be a slab of hell yeah smothered in awsome sauce
01/31/2013 9:20AM
I Think that would be Great. I would get to Laugh longer. Go for it Guys. A Hell to the YEAH !!!!
01/31/2013 9:46AM
Nothing would be greater!!! More Kimberly & Beck would be like a present everyday!!!
02/01/2013 8:30AM
yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
02/01/2013 8:46AM
1 X HOUR !!!!!!!!!!!
02/01/2013 9:07AM
Xtra Hour
I'm all in for and xtra hour of Kimberly and Beck -
02/01/2013 9:53AM
1 Hour more without Pat?
Maybe if Pat was back!
02/01/2013 10:13AM
1 More Hr.
Hell yeah!!!!
02/01/2013 3:57PM
02/02/2013 9:03AM
xtra hour
only if it were without kimberly and beck. You guys suck and from what I understand you got pat fired. Idiots!
02/02/2013 7:15PM
Bring pat back!
02/02/2013 10:16PM
Cyrus hour
Yes!! Definitly!
02/04/2013 8:52AM
Xtra Hour
Absolutely, lots of laughs, good reporting
02/05/2013 10:12AM
no i dont listen to you guys alot but you are insanely rude.you constantly insult people and activities that people love and if you guys would stop harassing people and for example colorguard you would have more fans. no offense.
02/07/2013 5:37AM
That would be great if you were on for an extra hour!! You make my morning at work seem to fly by.
02/07/2013 7:08AM
hell no can only stand u guys for 5 hrs .
02/10/2013 12:13PM
We want pat back!!!!
Only if Pat came back!!!
02/11/2013 7:15AM
Great Idea!
That would be awesome!!! 4-10? or 5-11?
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