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Man Travling Around with Mannequin Wife

The mannequin's name is Teagan... yeah, weird!

Full story, out of Watertown,

Check out the facebook page dedicated to them! CLICK HERE.

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06/10/2011 7:03AM
Man Travling Around with Mannequin Wife
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06/10/2011 8:36AM
What's sad about this???
One of the stories that I read on this, stated they believe the man was married at one time and his wife died. They now believe that it's his way of dealing with the grief, such as post traumatic stress disorder. So, really this isn't as funny as you all seem to be making it. And...I think you stated it correctly this morning - maybe he's normal and we're all crazy. Why? Because we prey upon the unfortunate for fun and to find humor. That's SICK!!!
06/10/2011 2:36PM
Man Traveling Around with Mannequin Wife
Very sad that you make fun of mental illness. If you read the full story - you would have seen that he was married and his real wife died. The psychologist believes this is his way of trying to cope with his beloved's death. Suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is devastating to someone. You should all be ashamed of yourselves for thinking this is so weird, funny, crazy or however else you find it. Try having some compassion on this radio station once in awhile. Sorry, Kimberly everybody's not perfect like you. That's why I listen to WBEE 92.5 - Jeremy Newman has a lot more going for himt than you ever will.
06/14/2011 8:51PM
Movie on the subject
There is a movie about this. It's called "Lars and the Real Girl".
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