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Man Kidnaps and Rapes Woman, Kills Self

Well at least he's dead right? An uncle says he's being portrayed as evil... um, yeah!


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07/28/2011 6:47AM
Man Kidnaps and Rapes Woman, Kills Self
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07/28/2011 7:30AM
Hideous Guy
hey, maybe he really is the biological father of the 9 year old!
07/28/2011 7:31AM
ron dacey
he was one sick man killed 2 teenagers and now this my heart goes out to his 2 living children one who is serving our country they never had anything to do with him and his ex wife raised their 4 children by herself and did a great job
07/28/2011 7:47AM
Went to School w/ him and his brother
The guy named Bob you talked to on the phone was his brother Bob.......you suckers fell for it.
07/28/2011 8:46AM
he had a past
he killed a couple of kids when he was drunk and then drove away from the accident. this was back in the late 80s ---- earlier 90s
07/28/2011 8:53AM
Too bad
I mean why did he have to wait so long to do the right thing? He should have done this 20 years ago and save everyone.
07/28/2011 11:47AM
worked with that guy
I worked with him in the late 80s at sabin metal.He wasnt messed up then.His biggest problem was his father(who also worked there)was a real mean SOB,especially to his kids,who he forced to work at a young age.Even as adults his kids feared him.Ronnie started drinking the heavy stuff around then.He told me the only thing he enjoyed was long cold showers,it was the only thing that made him feel alive.I lost touch with him after I left there,but it has taught me that some people who do evil things may have once been nice guys whos lives started spiralling and then went completely out of control.While I dont blame his dad for alot of Ronnies decisions,I truly belive he did not have a chance with a father like that,he was a gentle,well mannered kind kid when I knew him.
07/28/2011 12:50PM
Nice job
Best thing he ever did...he just took too long to do it!
07/29/2011 9:27AM
worked with him
I worked at Sabin with him too...the man had a coffin in the back of his truck that he slept in! Then he killed a couple kids and ran away from it. And when the cops came for him, we all remember him running up the water tower (ok, not really the watertower, but) and yelling "you'll never take me alive!" Too bad he lied, 'cause they did take him alive. Yes, his father was an idiot, but Ron was an evil being!
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