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Mamma Got Her TV

Lois needed a new TV, so my brothers and I chipped in and bought her one!

05/10/2011 6:58AM
Mamma Got Her TV
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05/10/2011 8:19AM
It is small I agree, but listen lady buy your own if you don't like the one that is free... Dear god people are never happy!
05/10/2011 8:53AM
small tv
well maybe there was some cost in buying the attaching cables. who knows . but all in all , it was a gift . be happy with it
05/10/2011 9:42AM
Did they buy her a pair of binoculars to go with the tv? lol
05/10/2011 9:50AM
There's a TV in the picture??
05/10/2011 10:12AM
What TV?? I cant see it!
Really?? She should return it and get this...http://www.walmart.com/ip/Sceptre-X320BV-HD/15739146 Its 249.00....and you can actualy see the people on the screen!
05/10/2011 12:31PM
Good for her
05/10/2011 1:52PM
Kimberly it IS small!!
05/10/2011 1:54PM
You can buy a 42" at Walmart for $425!! Thats only a couple hundred a piece!! Cheap asses. If Mt. Morris came home with this TV for Kimberly and she wanted a new TV she would hit him over the head with it!
05/10/2011 1:56PM
Where's the tower?
It's a Computer monitor right?
05/10/2011 3:44PM
Share the cost, great idea.
It was nice of you and your brothers to pitch in for this.
05/11/2011 6:49PM
What, this is something you All chipped in for? what cheap asses. You can get a 32" for about $250. Really!
05/16/2011 6:20PM
Never ever ever satisfied
What are you people, on dope??? The fact that Kimberly and her brother bought the TV at all is above and beyond their duty. For crying out loud, the woman brings home $3000 a month! Why can't she buy her own TV? She's been soaking off Kimberly for years and will continue until the day she dies.
05/26/2011 6:17PM
I had no idea they still made tv's that small. Awesome job there Kimberly you cheapskate!
07/20/2011 5:41PM
kinda tiny
my loaf is bigger than that.. and i only wear size 7 shoe..
07/20/2011 5:42PM
dont shop at the stupid place.. your stuff will break within a month and then u can't get re-funded ur loot.. i work there and they had consumers and only want their money
09/27/2011 7:32PM
That's great. I hope your daughter is as generous to you!
11/19/2011 9:03AM
mamma ray
tell her to sell it and go gambling
06/26/2012 8:20AM
Mamma Got Her TV
Kim sits around talking about people saying how ugly they are but yet havent seen any models in her family. People needs to get this woman off the radio.
12/05/2012 9:43AM
Must of came with binoculars
04/02/2013 11:50PM
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