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Macedon Woman We Were Talking About...

Apparently she had brain surgery (thus the scars), but was out drinking an driving.


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04/28/2011 8:22AM
Macedon Woman We Were Talking About...
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04/28/2011 1:17PM
yeah, it would be nice if you would get the whole story before talking about me.
I may have made a stupid choice to have a few drinks and get behind the wheel of a car. And i know there is NO excuse, and am not trying to make any excuses, but i would appreciate it if you wouldn't talk badly of me before knowing any truth behind my life. the picture is harsh, as i had never been in a police station before, and had been crying hysterically for several hours. and the hair, the scars, its called brain surgery, which had been covered by a scarf previously, but the police requested that i remove it. so when you, or even someone you know, has brain surgery and has to shave their head and deal with incredible pain and horrible incisions on their head, please let me know if you think they're on drugs, and are going to talk about that on the radio. an apology would be accepted, as i am a very friendly and forgiving person. but i also feel that an apology is much needed, so ill be waiting to hear it. and if you'd like to know more, you can email me. ill even give you a phone number via email if youd like, as i feel the whole, and true, story and explanation is needed. bestleford@hotmail.com ^ I'll be waiting to hear from you Kimberly Thank you, Brittany.
04/28/2011 6:23PM
yeah, it would really be nice if you had killed innocent people before making your choice!
I am a father of a 10 year old boy. This is all hypothetical, but what if you had crashed into a car carrying my son causing tragedy? How could you look me in the eyes? How could you look any greiving person in the face after taking one of their loved ones? Could you live with yourself? Spare us the sob stories....I feel bad you have been through what you have, but everyone has life to deal with, so lets not go there. People die everyday at the hands of intoxicated drivers and personally, I think it was your lucky day because you were caught before you created a worse disaster. So, really.....Kimberly owes you NOTHING. If anything, you should look in the mirror, admit your mistake, and thank GOD you didn't kill someone. Good day!
04/28/2011 6:51PM
alright dude
As Brittany said, there is no excuse for her mistake, she knows that just as much as the next person... but when your 10 year old son makes mistakes... tell me that you'll love him less, or you'll allow people to mock him and ridicule him. Give me a break. Speaking of life, well this is life, and things happen, i pray that you homeschool your ten year old son, and allow him to never associate with anyone, because thats the only way he'll never make a mistake. Kimberly, your rude... and should probably think before you talk. My dad called you this morning and was on the air, and yes that makes me Brittanys long time friend (and a mother of a 10 month old) ... But I as a parent know that no matter what mistakes are made, you'll always love your child and not allow people to talk trash. GOOD DAY! ha
04/28/2011 7:11PM
when did i ask you to feel sorry for me?
I would not be able to look myself in the eye had i hurt someone. hell, i can barely look myself in the eye now, and the only person i hurt was myself, and not in any physical manner. I also fully understand where your coming from, and as i said before, i am very sorry. sorry to everyone. for the mistake I made last weekend, and for every mistake i have made in the past. But your going to sit here and tell me you've never messed up? Because i highly doubt that. and i am not looking for any sympathy, i am undergoing these surgeries to better myself, and if anything i expect people to look at the strength that i have. but if your going to sit here and judge me, to say i look like a drug addict because i have a shaved head, then what kind of person are you? and tell your son im sorry. im sorry that his father is so judgmental and so accusing. im sorry that his father doesnt know how to accept apologies, and cannot accept that we all, as humans, make mistakes. have a good day my dear. oh, and why dont you give your son my email. do this so when hes my age, he has someone he can turn to when he isn't perfect, and can have someone to support him through any mistakes because they realize and see the true person he is. you, sir, seem like the kind of person that trashes other people because of the way you truly feel about yourself. the feelings your too scared to admit. maybe YOU should be the one that is looking for some help. maybe YOU are the one you cannot look in the eye.
04/29/2011 12:23PM
Fine......and touche
No, believe me.....I have made my share of mistakes, I actually had to make some major changes to be a better person although I jumped you here. I never said you looked like a drug addict, maybe on the radio they did, but I never typed that above. Sure, I messed up before. Brittany, youre not a parent yet, and when you become one someday, you'll have an even better understanding than now--not saying you don't understand. Im very glad you admit your mistake---actually a lot of people would not have. I was ornery last night and probably should have thought further before putting hand to keyboard, and Im admitting a mistake right there. I'm glad you learned something by this mistake and hope this will pass over quick. And I do apologize.....
04/29/2011 4:59PM
thank you sir
thank you for understanding where im coming from as well. and im sure, being a parent, things like this scare you more than they do the rest of us. but still, thank you. it is much appreciated.
05/03/2011 9:34AM
freedom of speech
I've ben reading your blogs and i can see all points but people should not get upset because you don't like what others say or think.Thats what makes us all different.We are not going to see eye to eye on everything.After all this is the USA and what makes us different from others is we do have the right to disagree.
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