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Macedon Woman Arrested for Having Oral Sex with 11 Year Old

Yeah if you're 38 and the kid is 11 you can't have sexual contact with him. That's just wrong.


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05/31/2011 7:22AM
Macedon Woman Arrested for Having Oral Sex with 11 Year Old
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05/31/2011 7:37AM
she looks like she's 68--freaking pervert!!!
05/31/2011 8:40AM
nasty beotch
its wrong no matter what your age is. WTF!?! she cant get it anywhere else cuz shes so fugly
05/31/2011 12:40PM
Mom!!!! I TOLD you to stop hanging out with my friends!!!
05/31/2011 2:56PM
She's Nasty!
How Gross! I hope she gets 10 years in prison.. And she proud of it too!...No morals....someone with 4 kids of her own.She needs to be shot in the head...Right Diana!! Skank!
05/31/2011 2:59PM
she needs a beat down
but im sure she will see how it feels to be violated in jail but we all know freaks like that deserve what they get
05/31/2011 11:38PM
sex affender
Does this person no that 11 boy is affected for life well in jail or prison I guess this woman wants tobe with susan and rest of the famous child murders good place for u and we have to worry about male (men)children molesters and preverts now this verysickkkkkkkk mother to do that very sad story and pray for the boy and his family.
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