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Local Stripper Due in Court

Chasitity Lotta, who we hear is dancing under the name "Felony" these days (allegedly), will answer to charges ofDUI.

Details: CLICK HERE.

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People : Chasitity Lotta

03/23/2011 6:51AM
Local Stripper Due in Court
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03/23/2011 9:44AM
She has always danced as Felony
03/23/2011 11:59AM
HAHAHA Who put that in the title? "Chasitity [sic] Lotta, who we hear is dancing under the name "Felony" these days (allegedly), will answer to charges ofDUI."
03/24/2011 9:04AM
This whole situation is really crazy. She obviously isnt afected by this to much! She took pics of herself upon being bailed out of jail and posted then on FB. THEN continued to brag about going out partying every night (drinking of course) still drove her truck or "hoodwhipping" as she stated it, with no license. And even posted how she got a call at 2am to go make $500.00. So upon stripping and felony DUI we can add prostitution to her list!!!! This girl is a train wreck and seriously thinks she is the cats a*%. Too bad between the drugs and drinking she is already looking pretty used up!!!! Good thing she likes girls too bc I am sure she will be someone's girlfriend in jail!!!! I think its funny that her lawyer made her delete her FB page she has NO shame and posts all inappropriate stuff that is ruining her case. But did hop on Sunday "Just to say HI."
03/24/2011 3:48PM
I am currently STILL liikong for an audio clip to hear whomever called in pretending to be me around this Chasity Lotta case. (yes, her REAL name is spelled "Chasity Lotta" no *Chastity.* I am the REAL Roxii Love who actually had NOTHING to do with Chasity's failure to show up to court. I actually hadn't seen her in months. I had chosen to cut her off of my life and go our desperate ways due to her crazy drinking, drug, and party antics. The last time I had seen Chasity was just a few days before she turned herself in. I stopped by her house for about 5 minutes to drop off a nice jacket I had borrowed from her. When I dropped off her jacket, she and Lauren were sitting on the floor bragging about how they'd been coked out for hours and so messed up they couldn't move much or think much. They asked me what I was planning for my days events and told them I had things to do then left. While I was there though, Chasity bragged about how "famous" she was and told me that radio shows were talking excessively about her because she got a DWI and was a stripper. I laughed it off and knew I didn't want any part of that drama/mess. She and Lauren Purpura (also on FB) sat on the floor in front of Chasity's lat top and proceeded to make phone calls to radio stations. Chasity had even mentioned "at first I didn't say it was me and pretended to be someone else.." then she said she called as herself eventually. Later on, in the days following, I'd been told several disturbing things she said when she called in as herself like "Yeah, I'll do anything for money.. if the price is right." She even bragged to an ex-boyfriend who called me that her TV and radio topics would make her so famous that when she got out of jail, she'd get 500$ plus for blowjobs. So anyways, I didn't stick around and left. The night before she turned herself in to the police, Chasity called me looking to come stay at my house with Lauren. I denied to let them.. I asked her "aren't you on the run? Dude, the cops called me looking for you and I want you to know it's best if you turn yourself in.. you're gonna get in even more s***." She got mad at me and hung up on me. That was the last I'd heard from her before she turned herself in. I've known her 18 years and was friends with her and very closer to her for the past almost 5 years.. however in January of this year, I moved into my own place finally and have kept very low key.. not partying much.. focusing on the things that really matter.. like working, family, and actual FRIENDS. Unfortunately I went through a very physically abusive relationship during the time she'd gotten out.. luckily I hadn't heard from her. She is notorious for putting sugar in peoples' gas tanks or crow barring cars and people when she feels betrayed. Luckily she didn't do any of those things. Soon following I found a lover and a soulmate who just recently passed away in a horrific car accident. Within a week and one day, my car totaled from drunk drivers and come home to my apartment being robbed clean. The last thing I now need is this negativity in my life. I am sick of hearing how someone "heard ME on the radio." It is NOT Roxii Love. That is final. Anyone who knows me will tell you it's not me. I haven't even heard the clip and when I find out how to record my voice and upload it, if someone'd help me even do that to prove it's not me, I'd highly and greatly appreciate it. I am not here to blame the radio stations or people who work for the radio station, if I heard the clips, it's be easy to get it out there and known and expose the parasites. Please add the REAL "Roxii Love" on facebook if you can help me find the clip[s] and/or give me any information. Much appreciated.
03/24/2011 3:49PM
roxii love
sorry for the typos = auto spell correct. plus angry = typos
03/25/2011 9:47AM
To Robin AKA Roxii
Why are you making this about you??? I can see you being upset if someone lied, said they were you, and called the station....however that has NOT been confirmed. You posted on your Facebook that you just saw Chastity and Lauren last weekend when they threw drinks on you and you got kicked out of the club. Your boyfriend passing (which is sad and I am sorry) has NO relevance to this whole drama filled story. And you FAILED to mention as you were going ON & ON & ON about yourself...that YOU were the one that got the DWI the other night when YOU smashed into other cars and totalled your car! I LOVE HATERS.....but the ones whom try to make themselves seem soooooo innocent are even better. Don't throw stones when you live in a completely glass house sweetheart! You will be put on blast. As far as you being abused by an ex.....real battered woman don't go around putting it out there for everyone. STOP making woman look bad to get attention. As far as the drugs....you were right there with them for how long Robin??? There is not even confirmation that you are clean so shut it!
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