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Kimberly's Vera Bradley Bag

Here's Kimberly's Vera Bradley Bag. She would not be allowed to carry this from class to class in Hilton LOL. Maybe we should ban her from carrying it here at the station :-)

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People : Vera Bradley Bag

09/14/2011 7:21AM
Kimberly's Vera Bradley Bag
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09/14/2011 12:12PM
UGLY......don't get the fascination...looks like something my great grandmother would carry.
09/15/2011 8:56PM
Have never seen a Vera Bradley bag before-hope to never see another one. I ve seen cuter bags at craft shows made by little old gray haired retirees. HOWEVER MUCH YOU PAID IT WAS TOO MUCH.
09/15/2011 9:59PM
I agree...ban it - Freakin' UGLY!!! I'm glad the schools finally are setting some rules. It's about time these kids start learning Respect, Responsibility and start being disciplined. Snowflake will make it, in the meantime, I think Mt. Morris should burn this bag, just like Kimberly bruned his socks!
09/17/2011 4:16AM
Vera Bradley Bag
I am old, so find it attractive, as the comment above stated great grandmother might carry.
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