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Kimberly and Beck

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Kimberly's New Hiking Shoes

Aren't they purrrrdy? LOL I can get up the mountain wearing these right? ;-)

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08/03/2011 6:59AM
Kimberly's New Hiking Shoes
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08/03/2011 7:06AM
diamond ring
Kimberly, you can make it up the mountain!! There is a beautiful new diamond ring bigger than all your friends waiting for you up there.
08/03/2011 7:07AM
hiking shoes ring
You can make it up the mountain when you get up there I'm sure Mt. Morris will have a nice new diamond ring, larger than all your friends, waiting for you
08/03/2011 7:08AM
maybe beach hiking....bet she didnt buy them on her credit card!!
08/03/2011 7:15AM
I would trip and die in those but they are HOTT..
08/03/2011 7:16AM
My kind of shoes! :)
Last summer I went camping in heels, with is wrong with that? LOL
08/03/2011 8:29AM
The right hiking shoes
Kimberly, heard you were looking headin' out to buy some hiking shoes this morning. Why not head to Eastern Mountain Sports in Pittsford Plaza where they know the Adirondacks, not basketballs!
08/03/2011 11:23AM
The Honest Truth on Hiking Adirondack Mountains
For a first time hike, I would not EVER recommend to ANYBODY to hike Whiteface for a first time. Be smart about this Kimberly and not like your know it all self, almighty bigger and greater than anybody ego. Hiking is a skill, I've been to the Adk's many times and am smart enough to not hike Whiteface. There are many other climbs you can do and it would be wise to listen to others who have experience with climbing. If you continue to not listen - then you are bound to ruin the rest of your vacation with your attempt to climb the 5th in height of the high peaks. Whiteface is rated "Difficult" which usually is not recommended for beginning hikers. I wish you luck, but I don't want to hear that all you did was complain. REMEMBER...go Big or go home.
08/03/2011 7:00PM
If Mt. Morris was smart he would just pitch a tent or camper at the eastview mall or the waterloo outlet mall
08/05/2011 6:08AM
hiking shoes
only place you can hike in them is to lyle ave
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