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Kimberly and Beck

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Kimberly's FAKE TREE!

The older you get, apparently a fake XMas tree looks better and better!

12/04/2012 8:03AM
Kimberly's FAKE TREE!
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12/05/2012 8:46AM
i have one too!
I have a fiber-optic tree with lights on! All i did was take it out and plug the darn thing in! I hate decorating and i dont have time for it anyway! Im a mom of a 21 month and a 3 month old. :) Its PRETTY KIMBERLY!
12/05/2012 10:03AM
fake tree
Looks really good and no mess. Enjoy:)
12/06/2012 11:40AM
Fake tree a wiser choice
It is good to use artificial. Save the trees in the woods
12/14/2012 6:40AM
xmas tree
becks tree is better by far
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