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Kimberly and Beck

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Kimberly's Dog in Her Diaper

She's in heat... $20 for the freaking doggy diaper!!! Holy hell someone is making money off that little idea.

Bella doesn't look too happy wearing it... what do you think?

After her friend goes away we will probably get her fixed...

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01/31/2011 6:05AM
Kimberly's Dog in Her Diaper
Comment here...
01/31/2011 7:55AM
awwwwe Poor lil baby
01/31/2011 10:04AM
Wait a minute. That's a dog?
01/31/2011 12:11PM
Oh my!!!
She looks scared and it looks uncomfortable too. How long does her heat last and how frequent is it? Can't wait till you put her out of her misery.
01/31/2011 8:38PM
She is mad because she dosen't have the shoes to match her outfit...or a coach purse..
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