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Nunda Man CRASHES at a construction site

26-year-old Aaron Dudley got into an altercation with someone on a construction site, left and came back with a bolt action .22/250 rifle and the ran his car into a piece of construction equipment!

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05/15/2013 5:42AM
Nunda Man CRASHES at a construction site
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05/16/2013 7:03PM
Aaron Dudley
If you continue to discuss this news story please share on the air: My 23 yr. old daughter was in a relationship with Aaron for almost a year. She lived with him and we have and will continue to consider him a part of our family. I am not excusing what happened but I'd like you to share with your listeners the Aaron Dudley I know: a man who helps his girlfriend's elderly grandmother care for 7 small dogs after he got done with a long day of work when her parents went on vacation for a week last year. A man who sat and listened to his girlfriend's grandmother recount stories from "the old days" and went out of his way to help her grandmother with things that needed to be fixed around her house. A guy that arrived home before his girlfriend and found her much loved dog had passed away, wrapped "Jeeter" in his favorite blanket and brought the dog to her mom's house for burial so his girlfriend wouldn't have to see her beloved pet dead. Later on, he bought her a puppy to help her get over this loss. He also would sometimes pick my daughter up at her job at a group home and would go out of his way to visit and chat with the developmentally disabled people that lived there. Some times good people do bad things when pushed to the edge. What is Chuck Mann's excuse?
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