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Eighth Grader Erica Kotarski won the Youth category in the Holley Squirrel Slam!!!



How about that for afamily event!

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People : Erica KotarskiHOLLEY SQUIRREL SLAM

02/21/2013 9:17AM
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02/22/2013 9:20AM
Great Job
Erica is my neice and I am very proud of her. Great job Erica.
02/23/2013 6:17PM
You bunch of redneck assholes! You can't even spell! Instead of teaching your kids to protect this planet and everything on it, this is what you teach them? What fucking morons! Go live in china!
02/25/2013 4:45PM
They're appealing to their base, which consists of lower educated hicks.
02/26/2013 4:11PM
Youngest Winner of The Squirrel Killing Contest
Erica, you killed the fattest squirrel. It was probably a pregnant squirrel carrying four unborn babies. You won a plaque, you didn't win a Grammy, an Oscar or the Pulitzer Prize. When I was your age, I was into Girl Scouts, going to Sunday School,hitting the school books and gymnastics. Neither of these activities involved killing anything. Erica, you are a very pretty girl and I know it is fun to win any kind of prize, but you might want to reconsider your priorities in life.
02/26/2013 8:44PM
Erica Kotarski, you must be so proud-NOT!
WOW!! Erica, you killed five squirrels. You are my hero! How about volunteering at an animal shelter and learn about saving lives instead of destroying animals lives. This Squirrel Slam has given a new meaning to redneck ignorance. After this event took place, I can't stand rednecks anymore. I find them very ignorant. This whole event wasn't about fundraising for Holley Fire Department; it was about killing animals. It would have been fair if the squirrels had guns and it was a duel, but there was nothing fair or wholesome about this "family" event. I bet after the weigh-ins of the squirrels, they were all discarded in a huge dumpster. This event has tainted Holley forever in the eyes of the world. We look at you with disgust.
02/26/2013 9:54PM
You look as dumb as your stupid uncle congratulating you. What have your parents raised? Go live in Antarctica.
03/05/2013 9:52AM
Attacked by a squirrel....
As a person that was attacked by a squirrel, you are my hero! NO JOKE!
03/17/2013 12:44AM
Old Indian word for bad hunter
03/22/2013 7:42AM
8th Grade
Seriously, the rude comments to an 8th grade girl.
03/26/2013 10:39AM
Will be ungry during the zombie apocalypse she will eat...
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