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Posts from January 2013

Take a Page From This Man's Book

This dad caught his daughter sneaking in after curfew and punished her by making her wear the same shirt to school with his face on it for 5 days straight.... Parents winningggg

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Maybe an Extra Hour on the Air??

What do you guys think... Would it be too much of a good thing to be on air for an extra hour???

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Sex Offender Chaperones Elementary Field Trip

We broke this story 2 weeks ago, but its just popping up now...

Leverl 2 Sex Offender caught chaperoning a Elementary School Field trip



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Topics: Education

Should Women Be on the Front Lines?

If you are in the Military, would you want a woman serving on the front line with you?

Carrying a gun, a body, skill level??

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Topics: Human InterestPolitics

RUN AND HIDE SQUIRRELS... you will die soon
RUN AND HIDE SQUIRRELS... you dont have long to live

Holley Fire Department, 7 Thomas St., Holley
Saturday, February 16 Rain, Snow or Sun
Registration ends Monday, February 11
Pre-registration: $10 per person (Two-Person Teams)
Team Prizes: 1st $200, 2nd $100, 3rd $50
Largest overall individual squirrel $50, Special Drawing “Loser's Pool $50
14 yrs. And under – Single heaviest $50
Raffles, Door Prizes, Gun Raffle, 50/50
Non-Hunters welcome (Ticket must be purchased)
Sign up or more info: Dennis Bauer 794-3744
Wayne Moyer 659-8063
Tina Reed 331-3040

Spend a day in the woods and then enjoy the party!
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Locations: Hazzard County
People: Dennis BauerHolley FireTina ReedWayne Moyer

Chief Sheppard came in today!!

Chief Sheppard came in today and we took a lot of calls on gun control, dog killings, and of course the Superbowl.. it was great!!!

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Topics: Human InterestPolitics
People: Sheppard

Sir... We Mayyyy have to amputate your Penis

When you get drunk and try to have sex with a snowman, your penis may get forstbitten and it MAY need to be removed... LMAOOO You DUMBASS!!!

Heres the story:
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Our Refrigerator... DISGUSTING!!!

Our Fridge at work looks like a murder scene...

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Do you think yours is Bigger?

Check out this BIG ASS SNOWMAN!! Kimberly saw it in Greece yesterday on her way home, stopped traffic, and Tooken a picture!

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Topics: Human Interest

When you get drunk on a plane... this happens

When you get drunk on a plane, start spitting on people, hitting people, and running up and down the isles screaming "THE PLANE IS GOING TO CRASH," this is what happens you ASS

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Webster Target Theif Gets his ass tackled: VIDEO
HAHAHAHA YOU IDIOT!! Our Faithful listener Scott took a video of this dumb ass trying to steal PAPER PLATES at a Webster Target... Needless to say, he didnt get far
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Topics: Human Interest

Baby grabs Doctors hand on her way out of the Womb

How Beautiful is this... With a quick Camera finger, Randy Atkins caught his baby girl Nevaeh reaching out of the womb and grabbing a hold of the doctors finger..

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Topics: Human Interest
People: NevaehRandy Atkins

Abandoned Dog at 425 Gregory Street

We are trying to dig deeper.. An abandoned dog at a slum house at 425 Gregory Street.. No food, no heat, no care

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Kimberly's new BLING BLING!

Mount Morris told Kimberly to pick out something nice for herself. She did, but she is mad that Mount Morris got her these ones instead of the ones she wanted..

Little greedy?

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