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Kimberly and Beck

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Posts from December 2012

Kimberly's Christmas Card for Beck
Lmao Kimberly got this card for Beck. It's got her written all over it.
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People: Beck - Lmao Kimberly

If you cant compete with Xmas Lights... Improvise

LMAO... Why raise you electric bill when you dont have to??

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Topics: Human Interest

Kimberly Looking HOT at the XMas Party


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Donate to the Henry Family of the Bloomfield Crash

These are the Henry sisters that have all been injured in the Bloomfield car accident. One of which is now paralyzed.

The family made an arrangement to accept donations through the Bloomfield High School. The school district confirmed for

News10NBC today that people interested in donating can send their donations to the following address:

Bloomfield Middle/High School
c/o Ellen Fisher
P.O. Box 250
Bloomfield, NY

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You want to scare your kids? Show them the time lapse of this woman after only a year... Can you say SCABS..

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Topics: Human Interest

Man pushed into Subway, Nobody helped

Here is the picture of the man that was pushed in the way of a Subway car after an argument with another man... he died... nobody helped

-yet people still had time to take pictures

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What about Beck's REAL Tree!!!

Nothin like the smell of a REAL tree. Which tree is better?? Kimberly's or Beck's??

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Kimberly's FAKE TREE!

The older you get, apparently a fake XMas tree looks better and better!

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