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Posts from August 2012

MUGSHOT: Lacy Kerr's Latest Mug Shot
We believe this is from the TImes of Wayne County. A listener sent this to us and we thought we'd share. Remember she was the woman who kept ripping off the men she was with according to this article... CLICK HERE.

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Topics: Human InterestLaw_Crime
Locations: Wayne County
People: Lacy Kerr

PIC: REPOSTED! Kimberly DRUNK on Vacation!
This is her 45 minutes after the picture to the right FYI...

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VIDEO: Security Tape of Woman Punching Elderly Walmart Cashier
Looks pretty obvious to us that she punshed her... what do you think?

Check out the video on 13WHAM's site by CLICKING HERE

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VIDEO: This will melt your freaking heart...
Dog owner swims with sick dog... CLICK HERE to watch the video. (Sorry I couldn't embed it)
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PIC: The Dog We Were Talking About
According to a listener from Perry who contacted us on Facebook and on air, this Irish Setter was left outside so long that it was down right abusive. 

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VIDEO: Kimberly Can't Use a Can Opener Either!
First she took video of her daughter not being able to use a can opener. Now this morning Beck gave her a chance to prove she can use one herself...

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VIDEO: The Things Kids Can't Do... Like Use a Can Opener!
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PICS: Redneck Party 2012
Sorry our faithful listeners, this party was private. Nancy who sits in on the show from time to time threw her annual Redneck Party which Beck and Pat attended. Pictures were tooken...

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PICS: Mugshots of the Day
"Five young adults who allegedly robbed Hispanic migrant  workers at several local farms in the past two weeks were arrested Friday and committed to jail, Wyoming County sheriff’s investigators said." - The Daily News Online.

Full story, CLICK THIS.

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Topics: Law_CrimeSocial Issues
Locations: Wyoming County

PICS: Albion Sink Hole
From listener Shaun Dixon... (thanks Shaun!)

Albion eagle harbor road. County road 2 behind the prison along the canal. I was hauling dirt out of there. 
It's a lot bigger than it looks in the pics. Notice the size of the pick up in the background in reference to the hole.

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PIC: Olympic Guy has Woody...
HA! Full story: http://www.wetpaint.com/network/photo/henrik-rummer-and-his-alleged-erection-sort-of-nsfw

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Please Donate to this Cause!
This couple from the area needs your help getting their prematurely born twins home from North Carolina. Insurance is screwing them over... 

Bring the Babies Home a Benefit for the Walther Family Twins.
August 24th, 6pm

Tickets will be $20 for adults and $10. for children 13-18. Children 12 and under are free.
Event will include food, music (Rebels Posse), a Chinese auction and more!

Bring your family and friends, and let's Bring Those Babies Home!

Donation link: http://igg.me/p/173997

Checks can be made out to: Bring the Babies Home

Checks can be mailed to:
The Bank of Castile
In Care of John Walther
3155 State Street
Caledonia NY, 14423

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/506048092745178/
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Locations: North Carolina
People: John Walther

VIDEO: Kimberly Gets Graped
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VIDEO: People Walking Into Things
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VIDEO: Dog Swims with Dolphins
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MUGSHOT: Dude Has a Mario Brothers' Mustache
He got all stabby on a guy in Brockport... CLICK HERE for the full story.

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Topics: Entertainment_Culture
Locations: Brockport
People: Dude Has

Guy Climbs Geneseo Bear Fountain, Gets Arrested
The full story can be read by clicking THIS...

Here's what the statue looks like...


Here's the dude who did it according to the news report... 

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PICS: Pat Had to Fix His Pipes
...in his bathroom, not his balls. 

My dog was very helpful...

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Topics: Human InterestLaw_Crime
People: Pat Had

PICS: People Sleeping in Gas Station
Listener Sean sent us these pictures. I don't know about you but we're not sleeping on the lawn of a gas station...

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Short Video of Beck's Vacation
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Pics from Beck's Vacation to the Adirondacks/Lake Placid

Beck's daughter...

The Ice Rink where the Miracle On Ice happened!

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Topics: Environment


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