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Posts from January 2012

VIDEO: World Water Skiing Record
To watch the video, which is pretty damn cool, CLICK THIS.
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POLL: Whose a Better Singer, Obama or Romney?

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People: Obama

PICS: Guy Gets Cancer, Gets Dumped, But She Wants His Super Bowl Tickets
He was going to propse to her at the Super Bowl, but then was diagnosed with bladder cancer. She then dumped him, but asked for the Super Bowl tickets because he had her in mind when he bought them.


Here's the story, CLICK THIS.

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VIDEO: Blake Griffin's AMAZING Dunk!!!
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People: Blake Griffin

MUG SHOTS: 5 Arrested in Holley
I know for a fact we're going to have people bitch at us for posting another story that "tarnishes the name of Holley," as we've been told... but there's nothing to tarnish when the stories just keep rolling in!!!

Full story and pics courtesy of News 10NBC (WHEC), CLICK HERE.

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VOTE: Do You Spend Over $2000 a Year on Lunch?
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VIDEO: Connecticut Mayor Will Eat Tacos for Latinos
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VIDEO: 85 Year Old Beats Up a Moose, Tells Story

Moose Attack from anchoragedailynews on Vimeo.

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People: Beats Up

Hearing for Woman Who Attacked Elderly Walmart Greeter
This person allegedly attacked a 70 year old Walmart greeter.

The question we have, however, is how the hell did she post $40,000 for bail?

A couple of people have told us her church paid the bail money.

If you have any info, please text us at 52545 or call 585-222-2899.

Full story, CLICK THIS.
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Topics: Law_Crime

VIDEO: Former Airport Director Pleads Guilty to DWI
Susan Walsh plead guilty yesterday for driving drunk.

Who was with her? Watch the video: CLICK THIS. We're just curious...
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PICS: Do Kimberly and Beck Need Their Teeth Whitened?
What do you think? Vote below, after the pictures...

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PIC: Snookie with No (er, a lot less) Makeup
What's amazing is she doesn't look like a freaking troll... she actually looks a lot better!

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Topics: Human Interest

PIC: Mom Makes Son Wear Sandwich Board Detailing Crimes
Inappropriate or awesome idea?

Full Story, CLICK THIS.
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PICS: Old Man Who, Allegedly, Got Beat Up
A caller told us this morning that his elderly uncle got his butt whooped over a property argument... of course there are 3 sides to this story, and the old man is not necessarily innocent at all, but here's the pics...

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Topics: Law_Crime

PIC: Would You Take Your Shoes Off on a Plane
When Beck was flying out to Deer Valley to go skiing he noticed this person next to him. She took her shoes off and went barefoot on the plane.

That's werid, right? I mean an airplane's floors aren't exactly clean.
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My Trip to Deer Valley w/ T-Heart
T-Heart took me to Deer Valley to go skiing this past week! It was just the two of us, the slopes, and my pole...

Here are some pictures:

T-Heart and me...

Thanks to Joy and Pete for welcoming us into their home!

See, I don't hate dogs!

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Topics: Human Interest
People: JoyPete

PIC: Ghost in Kimberly's Friend's House
Below is a picture a friend of Kimberly's took this weekend. He was messing around with his new cell phone and took a random picture. When he looked at the picutre, he saw his cute doggy... and a woman (see pic below)!!!

The house was built around 1870. This is, according to Kimberly's friend, NOT a fake. She has known him a long time and he's not the type to play pranks. Yes, this is in fact his house.

What do you think?

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People: Kimberly

PICS: The Sweaters Kimberly Bought Beck... Which He Returned
Kimberly bought a couple of sweaters for Beck for  Christmas. Pretty nice sweaters huh?

Aparently not, because he returned them!

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Topics: Business_Finance

MUG SHOT: Lady Rubs Ass on $30M Painting

We don't like her body art, can we rub our asses on her?

Full story: CLICK THIS.
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Our Resume for Director of the Rochester International Airport
Here's our resume! We think we'd do a great job based on our qualifications... what do you think?

NOTE: if it looks weird it's because Pat had to paste a word document on here... it won't look like this when we send it!

70 Commercial Street, Rochester, NY 14617 585-222-2899 kimray@rochesterbuzz.com

Kimberly Ray and Barry Beck


To become Director of the Rochester International Airport

Professional Highlights

Morning Show Hosts, WBZA-FM, 98.9 the Buzz

§ Create compelling, local, and entertaining show for listeners.

§ #1 rated morning show for 10 years.

§ Working with clients to improve their business.

§ August 5th is Kimberly and Beck day, as recognized by the City of Rochester.


§ We like Airplanes.

§ Have flown in an airplane

§ Excellent at telling people what to do.

§ Awesome at drinking.

§ Strip Club Connoisseurs

§ Fluent in Redneck and Canadian.

§  We give pat downs like a boss.

§ Members of the Mile High Club.

§ Have Puked on an airplane

§ We know how to deal with snakes on a plane.

§ We come to work with our shoes off and laptop    out of its carrier.

§ We help people solve their predicaments.

§ Unlike airplanes, we are always on time.


Employment History

Morning Show Hosts

98.9 the Buzz, Rochester, NY

July 2001 – Present.











BS in Opinions

The School of Life



The Rahn Family

The Gary Pignato Family

Paul Monochino

Chastity Lotta

Susanne Corona

The Nick Joseph Family


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VIDEO: Brothers get Arrested for Coke...
These two guys are brothers who got arrested together and put in the back of a cop car. The one brother has cocaine up his butt and asked his brother to eat it to hide the evidence. He did it... and died from an overdose.

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Topics: Human InterestLaw_Crime

PIC: Kimberly's Big Christmas Present...
Mount Morris said he wasn't going to get it, but of course he did: an iPad 2!

Now if she can just figure out how to use that damn thing LOL!

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VOTE: Should Beck Shave his "Beard?"
Vote below or text the word YES (he should shave it) or NO (he shouldn't) to 52545!!!

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VIDEO: Kid FREAKS OUT over Christmas Gift

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VIDEO: Girl With Crazy Eyebrows!

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