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Kimberly and Beck

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Kimberly Before and After Hiking

Before her hike up White Face she looked very happy... then she hiked it, LOL.

Kimberly BEFORE...

Kimberly AFTER...

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08/18/2011 6:51AM
Kimberly Before and After Hiking
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08/18/2011 7:00AM
Great job Kimberly!!!
08/18/2011 8:26AM
You Did It Kimberly
You did it Kimberly, doesn't matter what your feeling after the hike. One up for Kimberly! Check this off your bucket list.
08/18/2011 8:47AM
Looks like shes carrying her own cross, morris prolly made her carry the hammer and nails too. hope she makes it back comment by your local skitzoid
08/18/2011 7:35PM
Mountain climb
Well it definetly does let you get back to nature.. Hope you had a good time.
08/19/2011 2:07PM
white face
there is a shorter trail up whiteface off of the main rd that takes you to the top of whiteface-also mt marcy is alittle easy to hike-good time-glad to see you made it-jim
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